Oh My!! Explore Creativity and Imagination with Lazoo Books! #holidaygiftguide

I would like to first say that we love toys... 
We love imaginative play and we love creating new ways to play with what we have... 
That being said, I really love arts and crafts projects too!  
It is fun to watch their minds get creative and I love the end results... 
Some are great to hang on the fridge and some are great to look at and later send to other places.
Let me share with you the cutest gift!  
I had the chance to review for Lazoo and I am glad we did!
I originally contacted them about their clothing line that is just adorable...  But we ended up going with 2 of their books.. 
Mark my words now.... Every kid needs this!  
(Okay, you caught me... adults need it too!)

First up, their Color Book.

Before you go thinking, "we do not need another coloring book!"  let me just stop you right there!
This is far from the average coloring book.
This book is magic!  Okay, it is NOT a magic book... but it is full of creativity and exploration just waiting to happen!    I will try to explain, but it really does no justice...
Each page has an illustration on it... 
Like page 5.   It is a red and white checkered (table cloth) with a plate and a pancake on it... 
The writing says:  " What do you put on your pancakes?  Something tasty... or something silly?"
Now... .You get to draw whatever you want.. 
 You can fill up full of syrup, you can make a chocolate chip pancake... Add fruit and make it a smiley face...
The only end is the extent of your creativity!
They have pictures of kids that you need to decorate their shirts.... Color the cats and turn it into a leopard.
As I said, each page is more than just a coloring page... 
(Can you tell that I really think I need to get one for me, so that I can work on my inner Picasso while Broxton explores as well?!)

The other book we received: Squiggles!
With this book... You guessed it... You draw squiggles!
If you can hold a writing instrument, you can have fun!  There is no need for staying in the lines, as you are the ones drawing them!
On one page, you have caterpillars..
Now, you have to draw the squiggles and wiggles to make them be fuzzy!!!!!!!
Or maybe you like to be a hairstylist... On one page, you have to give the kids curly hair!
Each page is full of an activity to do, but you have a base illustration to start with!
As you remember, I am an iNothing person... 
But I tell you this...
If I had an iPad, I would for sure be visiting the Lazoo App store!
They have these books on there!
(I wish they had them for droids!  I would have a great time in carpool waiting to get Broxton!!!!)

Bottom line... 
If your kids enjoy being artistic and expressing themselves (the same for you, I am totally not going to judge! I already mentioned I need these books for me!)  Then I say you need to buy them now!  What better gift to give than the gift of expression and creativity?
Hey, when they decorate their pancakes, you might just learn a new topping or treat to get them to eat all of their breakfast!

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. This is great, it sounds like a great way to play and learn. The coloring book sounds like it would be my favorite. Thanks for the introduction of a new project. W/the holidays coming up, you just know everyone's on the lookout for something unique to put under the Christmas trees.

  2. I like the idea of these books. So much fun!


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