Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted #holidaygiftguide

If you are a fan of the Madagascar Movies.. You are in for a treat with their latest!  
Whenever I see one of the movies on, I normally will stop and watch it... I think they are funny, so when I saw that they had a new one out, I was excited to see it!  
In Madagascar 3, Europe's Most Wanted, Alex and the gang are in Europe with a mean old animal control lady chasing them all over!  They actually join up and pretend to be circus animals to try and find their way back to New York City...  It was nice to see new animals and I think I actually loved it more than Broxton did... Although, he is CONSTANTLY singing about the "Afro Circus, Afro Circus, Polka Dot, Polka Dot, Polka Dot..."  

If you are looking for a movie to get for a great movie night for the whole family, or if you are looking for a great gift idea... I say grab this now!!!! This would make for great snuggling during the cold winter nights ahead... UNTIL the music stops and you have to get up and dance with it!  (They have a great soundtrack on this one!)  If you like the Madagascar movies.... or the circus... or BOTH.. you are going to love it!
Not to mention doesn't every kid need a colorful wig like that? You can get in when you buy the specially marked movie/wig combo pack!!!

Just in time of the Madagascar 3 release.. 
A Couple Travel Tips from Marty and Alex:

Having just crossed Europe in their latest adventure, Alex the lion and Marty the zebra offer some expert travel advice for anyone planning to take in the sights of the Continent.  And even if you’re not heading to Europe any time soon, you can enjoy the Zoosters’ uproarious antics in Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted on Blu-ray™ and DVD now!

Getting There
If I had to choose between car, train or plane travel, I’d choose the train, but that’s probably only because we had some, well, mishaps in the car and plane.  In general, I recommend any mode of travel without a penguin or lemur on board.  That said, a car can be a great way to get off the beaten path…but whatever you do, don’t let the zebra drive.
Planes, trains and automobiles will get you where you need to go, but they don’t even come close to being shot out of a cannon.  It’s the only way to fly!  I definitely recommend cannon if you’re in a hurry. Or a candy gram!  Ooooh, I’m gonna try that next.
What to Pack
I personally like to travel light.  Light and limber, that’s my motto.  Of course the obvious exception is hair conditioner.  You can never carry too much hair conditioner, especially when a certain zebra has a habit of drinking it. 
We made it half way across Europe with nothing but our wits… I would not recommend it.  I say pack everything because you never know how long it’s gonna be before you get back home.  Trust me.  And I always bring an extra bag so I have room for souvenirs… like those little bottles of shampoo—they’re delicious!
Hand Sanitizer, cold medicine, tissues, lozenges, toothpaste, floss, sun screen, and bottled water!   I have been to some watering holes that…well let’s just say that just because a hippo tells you it’s safe to drink the water, it’s not!   Especially when the water is brown, opaque and the hippo is bobbing around in it.

Blending In
You know what they say: “When in Rome.”  I’m not really sure what that means, but when we were in Rome we barely made it out alive, so I should probably look it up.  But drop me into an op art gallery and, baby, I can blend in!  Wait, what does “blending in” mean again?
Well, I like to think that I blend in well wherever I go because lions have a natural gift for camouflage…as long as whatever I’m standing against is sort of tan-colored.   But if the people get a look at my face, it’s all over.  They start screaming in adoration and then they start running away in adoration. It comes with the territory when you’re a super famous lion.
Or any kind of lion, really.

Planning Ahead
Not knowing where you’ll be next is exciting.  I mean, one day you’re being chased through the streets of Monte Carlo at 200 miles per hour and the next you’re being shot out of a cannon in the circus!  What could be better than that? 
How about…NOT being shot out of a cannon?  

Best Part of Traveling
Seeing the sights, trying new food, escaping capture—they’re all fantastic.   But sometimes the best thing about traveling is just being with your peeps.
You said it, pal.  Those are some good marshmallows.

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  1. Looks like a great movie - we like the Madagascar movies :)

  2. We loved Madagascar 3. I thought it was the best out of the 3 movies.

  3. I have heard fantastic things on this one. I wanna see it!

  4. I have this one for stocking stuffer.. we have 1 huge stocking that I add small items for the whole family.. this will be a winner this holiday.


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