Are You Sentimental? (& I want TinkerToys!)

I was emailing with my friend, Alissa and brought up the "sentimental" things in life..
She had posted a picture of her son playing with TinkerToys that were hers (or her siblings) when she was little and it made me think about my things...
My mom LOVES keeping things of sentimental value... BUT----
She did not keep any of my toys from when I was little. 
Yes, she has some of my baby items, but that is about it...
Granted, I do not have a daughter to play with them, if I did have keepsakes... but that isn't the point.
I don't think she has many items of my brothers either. 
I know that not too long ago he cleaned out his closet and gave a big bag of "stuff" to Broxton. 
He said to either let him have it, or to throw it away... but he did not want it.

I told him whenever he were to get married that his wife might like to have some of his items to pass down to their kids.. but being 23, it did not phase him at all.
My grandmother gave Broxton several toys that were things my brother played with over the years..
I want to try and keep some to give to my brother (once again, whenever he has kids...) but I wonder if he would even care... Probably not..
Several of the toys have seen better days and need to be thrown away,  but Broxton just LOVES playing with them and doesn't notice they are broken...

I will tell you one thing... My brother did keep most of his Hotwheels/Matchbox cars... Broxton loves to play with them when we visit my parents, but he also gave some of them to Broxton.  As Broxton pulled them out to play with them, I noticed one in particular that I could totally remember my brother playing with... Is it wrong that I put it up so that I could one day give it to my brother? 
Yep, I never even let Broxton see it, it was picked up so fast.

My parents gave Broxton a set of Lincoln Logs for Christmas.  He has enjoyed playing with them and he was even able to get my dad down on the ground to play with him... My brother says he played with them tons as a child... I hate to say I don't remember it, but he says it (and my parents agreed)  You see, these jokers stand the test of time.. So, I wonder why my parents never kept things like this to pass along to their grandkids...
My grandmother kept my dads old ARMY men... and gave them to my brother... Once again, Broxton loves playing with them.. and its so awesome to me to see my son playing with something that once belonged to his granddaddy...

Do you keep toys to pass down to your grandkids?
I am not saying keep everything, but I do plan on keeping some things (at least the ones that stand the years of Broxton) to pass on to his kids...
What about you?


  1. JDaniel has already decided on some things he wants to save.

  2. Each of my children has a baby box and there are a few toys in there that belonged to them. I love that you're keeping things for your brother, and I bet he will appreciate it some day.

    My son is about to be 25 (my oldest) and he never had an interest in such things. Now he's married and expecting his first child, and even though it's a girl they're having, he's asked several times if he can have his baby box. He's at the age now I know he'll appreciate it and take wonderful care of it. Years ago, I know that he would have cared less. What a difference a few years can make. :)


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