Wooby and Peep - Opposites DO Attract

Last weeks take home letter from Broxton's school put an extra large smile on my face.
It was a letter telling the parents they were kicking off their reading program for the school.
Basically, the parents keep a log of the books they read with their child and send it in.
They have a goal set up for each class to read 200 books.
I think that is a very easy number to reach, as we love to read! 

The day that the letter came home, we read 4 books that night before bed.
Broxton is at the stage where he LOVES to read... We read a couple books through the day, but we for sure read books at night before we go to bed.  I love that time and I love that he loves to read.  His teacher even commented on the fact that he loves "reading" while at school.

We were sent a new book from Sterling Publishing... Wooby and Peep by Cynthea Liu.
I loved this book, as it really opens up to show us that although people might be totally different, you can always make friends...  Even in unusual circumstances! 
In Wooby and Peep, Peep moves next door to Wooby.  Wooby reminds me of my mom, as Wooby has certain ways and does not really seem to like change.  Peep on the other-hand totally reminded me of ME ...  Always looking to have fun and maybe trying to make people happy. 
Well, Peep throws a party for the neighborhood, you know... a way to make friends with the neighbors. 
The thing is, the neighborhood is a very quiet neighborhood and no one is really up for the change with Peep moving in and being loud... Especially Wooby, since Peep now lives right next door! 
Throughout the book, Wooby is constantly being mad at Peep and all Peep seems to be doing is trying to be friends, but actually making things worse...
In the end, Wooby sees that Peep was just trying to be a great friend and that was something he needed.  You don't have to be just alike to get along... Opposites DO Attract!!!
We both loved this book and were so excited to be able to add this to the list of books we have read. 
I can not wait to add more books to our list! (We already sent in our first 10!)

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  1. This book sounds like it teaches a great lesson.

  2. This does sound like a good book and I'll keep it in my radar.

    My younger kids love to read too!

  3. My kids love reading. Well Mica does. Isaak likes being read to. I think he'll be good with reading one day to.

  4. Oh yes I loved those times. We still do it.
    It is so much easier when our little loves love to read!


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