Kidz Bop 23 - Out Now!

I can not lie...  I was super excited to get the latest Kidz Bop 23
I know, yes... I am in my 30's... but it is so much easier to listen to the popular songs on here... (that has kids singing it, so it makes it even cuter!) than to listen and cross my fingers that they will not have the profanity in the song that we are listening too!
Broxton has several songs that he loves to hear over and over again...

This makes it easier...
Top it off that I have a slight "obsession" with the song, "I CRY" and I love hearing it a couple times more than I should!   Once again, as we listened to the Kidz Bop CD, I noticed that there were several songs on there that I loved, I just had no clue the name of it... Well, now I do!!!

Kidz Bop 23:
1- Good Time
2- We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
3- As Long As You Love Me
4- Want U Back
5- Everybody Talks
6- Let's Go
7- Locked Out of Heaven
8- Wide Awake
9- Live While We're Young
10- Diamonds
11- Too Close
12- Let Me Love You
13- Some Nights
14- I Cry
15- Home
16- Gangnam Style

Now that you know about the new CD release...
Kidz Bop 23 is holding an AWESOME contest for a dream vacation...
Head on over and read all about it..
As of today, February 1, 2013.. the website says there is only ONE DAY left to enter...

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  1. my son saw this on tv and wants it..funny how they love products as soon as they see them

  2. I have to admit that I'm completely curious how they did with that Gangnam Style song!

  3. My daughter loves Kidz Bop, we play the CDs in the car. I'm like you though in that I know some of the songs but not their names (or sometimes even the artists) until I have the actual CD. :)

  4. LOL I don't think I know any of those songs except #16. That's how out of touch I am with pop music!


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