Get Moving With Ella Jenkins

We were sent a new CD for us to enjoy and I thought it was great...
Since Broxton is in school right now, I sent it in to let his teacher use it... but I know we will be getting plenty of use out of it this summer!!!
The problem with us and CDs is that we don't have a CD player in the house...

The day that Get Moving with Ella Jenkins arrived, I put it in the car as soon as we were in there...
We listened to it, but it really isn't a car CD, it is a CD to get moving, not sit and listen! 

Ella Jenkins has a great time on her CD and you can feel it as soon as you hear it.
With Get Moving, you immediately want to get up and follow the rules to her songs!

There are songs we all know, such as London Bridges and One Potato, Two Potato... but then there are new (at least to me) songs such as Teddy Bear and Did You Feed My Cow...
I loved that Get Moving teaches so much more than just to get up and move.
First of all, you have to learn to listen.
She gives directions as to what you are to do... be it movement or saying /singing things...
You also have to learn to count...
You will pick up the learning of rhythm as you clap to the beat! 
The best was when she is working with kids on pronouns... Looks like I need to head back to school, as I was worried we were going to have a pop quiz on nouns, adverbs and the likes.. (No worries, I am okay to go... for now!)

I did end up sending this in with Broxton to let his teacher enjoy it for the time being..
With all the kids having colds (and the weather being so iffy here) it has been fun for them to enjoy this in the class when running around outside wasn't the best idea.  His teacher says the class has loved it so far... and it still gets them active and getting their energy out, without them all running and coming in coughing after playtime!

If you are looking for a fun way to get your kids up and moving on the days you are stuck inside, I recommend checking this out!!!!
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  1. That was a good idea to share with little one's class.

    I have my home gym too. But gosh I need to be more accountable :)

  2. That was a good idea to share with little one's class.

    I have my home gym too. But gosh I need to be more accountable :)


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