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I am so excited to tell you about some of the products/ companies I learned about while visiting Americas Mart!!!

Since it is FOOTBALL SATURDAY, I want to share with you an AMAZING find... 
I had originally planned to share with you this for Christmas, but I just can not hold out any longer... 

Game Day Rules is a set of books from Sherri Graves Smith.

I thought it was so cute to see these books....and you know that we are a house divided...  My love of my bulldogs and Marc's love of his tigers... Broxton cheers for both and all is right in the world.

Game Day Rules is a great set of books that basically writes out how to to act when you visit your favorite stadium.  Sherri sent us both the UGA and the LSU versions!  

Of course, my dad got the chance read the Hairy Dawg's Game Day Rules book to Broxton.
It started with the introduction to Hairy Dawg... Our mascot!
Then, as you turn the pages, you are shown what it is like on a typical Game Day at the Stadium... From getting there and tailgating to cleaning up before heading into the stadium!
I loved that it told about being polite and showing manners, no matter the team that you cheer for!  I made a comment about this being a great book for kids on how to be on your best behavior on game day... and my dad commented on knowing a few adults that need to read the book as well!
  I am more familiar with UGA , obviously... and it was great to see that she had Hairy Dawg and UGA both represented... We got to see Sanford Stadium and since my dad was in the Red Coat Marching Band, we were all happy to see the band represented at the halftime show!   

As I said, we were sent both the UGA and LSU versions...
Right now, the teams she has available: 
Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, LSU, FSU , Florida, USC, Tennessee, and the University of North Carolina.

About Sherri:

Sherri Graves Smith, 41, a native of Tuscumbia, Alabama, debuts this November with the publication of her first children’s book, “Big Al’s Game Day Rules.”  In her book, Big Al takes children on a game day adventure of the University of Alabama’s campus teaching children about manners, civility, and good sportsmanship.  Auburn Tigers are the rival team in “Big Al’s Game Day Rules.”

Sherri joined The Coca-Cola Company’s Legal Division as an attorney in November 2000.  After taking an overseas assignment as Assistant Division Counsel for Coca-Cola Ltd. in Toronto, Canada, Sherri was being considered for a three-year position in Vienna, Austria.  Her career came to an abrupt halt after a routine visit to the doctor revealed that Sherri had cancer.  In November 2007, at the age of 36, Sherri was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and immediately began an aggressive course of treatments that included chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Presently, Sherri is continuing in her battle against cancer which has been diagnosed as a chronic condition.  On her current regimen, she infuses every Monday and takes chemotherapy pills twice daily four days a week.  Getting better is her full-time job.

Sherri is a lifelong avid reader and always has held a special place in her heart for children.  Prior to her illness, Sherri volunteered at homeless shelters and schools tutoring children in reading.  In addition to tutoring children, Sherri was an active participant in going to schools in the urban areas of Atlanta and teaching law courses in order to encourage youth to seek careers in the law.

In 2010, Sherri’s manager at The Coca-Cola Company, Angus Haig, asked her whether she would be open to reading to his children at their school as a way of being able to work with children.  She began reading to children again, and it motivated her to become an author.

Sherri chose to write about manners and sportsmanship because she is a huge fan of college football and a graduate of the University of Alabama.  Sherri was concerned that winning and cheering for our favorite teams had become unhealthy and was turning into instances of bullying and verbal and physical abuse.  She was concerned that examples were not being set for children to have healthy rivalries and to display good sportsmanship.  In a light-hearted and fun way, she wanted to teach the qualities of simply being a good sport, and thought that school mascots would be a great way to touch children's lives in teaching good sportsmanship.

In this initial series, Sherri chose to write about manners and sportsmanship.  In a light-hearted and fun way, she wanted to teach the qualities of simply being a good sport, and thought that school mascots would be a great way to touch children's lives in teaching good sportsmanship.  

Sherri’s second of series of books will launch in the middle of February.  This series teaches the alphabet and counting books, entitled “Big Al Teaches the Alphabet” and “Counting with Big Al.”  Sherri plans to expand this series in the future.

In the midst of her illness, Sherri also has devoted time in raising money for the Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation, a charity that helps adults battling cancer in the greater metro area who are facing financial devastation as a result of undergoing cancer treatments.  In working with The Coca-Cola Company’s Legal Function, Sherri has helped raise$400,000 for the foundation.    

Unwittingly in the past five years, Sherri’s life has gone from being a corporate attorney to being an author and philanthropist in working with a cancer organization in the Atlanta area.  Somehow, she finds the energy to do this while taking some form of chemotherapy five days a week.

As a fan of college football, I am totally in LOVE with these books...  If you are a fan... you will be to!!!
Head on over to her site and order a copy of Game Day Rules today!!!!
As a hard back book, it is a perfect keepsake!!!

***** Stay tuned for my holiday gift guide...  I have 2 other books to introduce to you from Sherri!!!!

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  1. Oh, I so want the LSU books. Just for myself and I may let my 3 year old look at them. :) I have her page saved so I can order them in the future.

  2. I'm a fan, and I bet you're right about loving the books. Certainly I'm headed over to have a look. Awesome share!


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