Lego Fan? Cool Creations in 35 Pieces

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Broxton has jumped head first into a love of Lego's like you just do not know... I love them to, until I step on one during the middle of the night... (They aren't that fun during the day either, but at night, man... the little toy Army men must use them to set traps to protect themselves!)  Anyways, that is for a whole different day... So.. Broxton and Lego's...  love... He loves making things... loves seeing what new construction he might come up with... I love that he uses his imagination... and I love that Lego's makes him work on focusing and on hand/eye coordination.
We were recently sent a book, Cool Creations in 35 Pieces.  Talk about neat...
You know how when you buy the Lego pack, you get that little fold up paper... or the small booklet with the way to  build the picture on the box?  To me, this is a fancy version... I can not tell you how many of the booklets we have lost / have thrown away because they were destroyed... Well, with this neat little book (hard back too, love that!)  we can just flip through the book, make the object... then put the book back on the bookshelf!  Not that difficult...  and it seems to stand up better than the little books included in the packaging... 
Image Credit : AMAZON

The ONLY drawback for me?
I just really wish they had the Lego pieces you needed included.. Yes, I know that would make the price go up... but it would save sanity versus having to look through the tons of Lego's to find the ones you need to make it... I would do a couple different options..
Maybe offer the book WITHOUT the Lego's for one price... and then pick like 3 colors... and make books catered to each color... (Are you following me?  Like you can buy the book that includes BLUE Lego's... or just RED, or YELLOW)  That way, as soon as they got home, they could get to working on their creations...   The book starts off showing you what pieces you need to complete the object.. and you can go dig and find them, but for me... it would be easier to just offer that set as an add on feature... Maybe I am the only one...
Either way.. We loved it... Broxton has not built them yet, as we need more pieces... but he loves looking at the possible options to do.. and with that, he likes listening to me read the names of the creations out to him! If you have a Lego fan, I highly suggest this book!   


  1. Our boys love Legos! I just got in the mail their Christmas presents. Mica's getting the Lone Ranger train set from Santa, and the Back to the Future time machine set from us. Isaak's getting a Spider-Man set from Santa, and a Power Rangers set from us. I have to decide what movies to put in their stockings. I thought a Lone Ranger (old) movie in Mica's and a Power Rangers one for Isaak.

  2. Pretty sure this is a great Christmas idea for my son who also loves Legos! Bookmarking it for holiday shopping. Thanks, Noelle!

  3. This reminds me of a pin, I repinned on Pinterest. Basically its how some people can get all crafty and I am lucky to end up with a house design. Here is the pin if you want to see what I am talking about.


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