Good Morning, Glory!!!

I tell you... We keep getting surprises that are just amazing at the house...
A couple weeks ago, I noticed this blue flower out by the house... but then when I returned later that day, it was not there...  Sort of odd, but I did not think about it again..
Then, a few days later, I noticed it again...   once again, it was gone later...
I finally said something to Marc and he told me that it had to be one of those flowers that opened with the sunlight and then closed up to sort of " go to sleep" later in the day.
I thought he was crazy, but I asked my grandmother... and she said she had heard of them, but did not remember the name of it...
Finally, I thought about snapping a picture to figure it out...
Then, I learned it was called a "Morning Glory!"
This was the beautiful flower that we noticed in the morning!

But, when we returned and started to look, this was what we found!  


  1. Pretty flower! I've heard of flowers that do that but haven't really noticed them.

  2. So pretty!! I love how they come out to surprise you.

  3. So gorgeous. I just LOVE morning glories.

  4. Love the 'zen like effect' of your photography ~ Beautiful!

  5. I love morning glories too! Great captures, sweetie!

  6. Morning Glories are so pretty, but yes, they don't last very long before the blossoms close, fade, and fall off. The good news is that there is usually new ones the next day.

  7. Hence the name, and I love it! I've seen Morning Glories in pictures, and knew they were a flower, but I didn't realize they closed up later in the day. :)

    We had a cactus in Florida that stood about 6 ft. tall. At night it would get a huge, beautiful flower. As soon as the sun came up, it would disappear.


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