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We have luckily found a church that we enjoy going to.   I feel bad that it took us so long, but I am just really thankful that we have found one and that Broxton enjoys going to church!!!
When I was presented with the opportunity to read a couple children's book by Kathleen Long Bostrom, I was excited, because it was about to cute characters... Rufus and Ryan!!!
FROM HER WEBSITE: Rufus and Ryan is a new series of board books for preschoolers, featuring Ryan, an energetic little boy, and his stuffed monkey Rufus. The series focuses on religious and church concepts, as well as character traits and development. The text is presented in young Ryan's voice as he teaches Rufus about the things he is learning himself.

In Rufus and Ryan Go to Church, we meet open the book to hear Ryan telling Rufus it is "Church Day!"  and he is so excited to be getting ready to go to church.  Seems as though both Rufus and Ryan love church and everyone seems to know both of them!  Then, we sort of get an introduction to Church from Ryans point of view.  The people are nice.  They sit quiet.  They have the Bible Story, they sing... they pray...after church they have snacks and everyone stays around in fellowship, not rushing off!  
I loved how it showed how even little kids can love church!
I think this would be a great book to give as a new born gift, as the pictures are colorfully illustrated and the text is simple and in a decent sized font for early readers.  This would be great to read to your young one (or a young one you know and love)  as a way to introduce church to them, as sometimes kids (and even adults) can really be just overwhelmed!  

With Rufus and Ryan - Say Their Prayers, we once again start the book with both Rufus and Ryan!
In this one, Ryan is riding piggyback on his daddy... and Rufus is riding piggyback on Ryan!!! 
They are getting ready for bed, which first starts off with brushing teeth and getting pajama's on.  Up next?  Prayers!  I loved how it was not a set prayer and Ryan even says "What should we tell God?"  
He then tells Rufus to bow his head and close his eyes, to get ready to pray.  It was so sweet to listen to Ryan talk to God just like he was talking to his best friend... and even included Rufus, by asking Rufus what he wanted him to tell God!   Once again, another great book in my opinion.  Perfect for a little one!!!
It says these books are geared for 2-5 year olds and with the hard board book, it is sure to be a keeper!  

Since we have started reading these, Broxton has asked me if he will be going to church.  I told him he was in children's church right now and he could come to the adult church soon.  Of course, Broxton says his prayers at night.. but he normally asks me for help... and I have to tell him that there is no right or wrong way, that he is just talking to a friend, so he can say whatever he wants... 
I am glad that we had the chance to review these, as I now want to check out her "Little Blessings" books as well!  


  1. I hope this will be in the library sometime. I would love to share with my kids.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Aw, I bet that is a good book, I'd like that one for our library too.


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