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*** This is Not a sponsored post.  

I am so excited to tell you about some of the products/ companies I learned about while visiting Americas Mart!!!  This time though, I want to share some of the great things I thought would be awesome for kids (or at least kids at heart!)

Up first, I want to tell you about Word Teasers.
This is actually a pretty neat company.  It is like a conversation starting game... but it incorporates learning words/phrases/origins.    The great thing is that they come in many different subjects, so they are sure to have something that would be great for your family!  Each Word Teasers Set comes in a box with 150 cards...  When you visit their site, you can look to see which ones grab your attention.  (They also have the ages it is best suited for... I loved that for the vocabulary ones!)

Next?  Bananagrams!
I will admit, I have seen these before, but have never played them...  But - I had NO CLUE that they were more than just bananas!  They also have an apple game "appletters" , a pear game "pairs in pears" and even a domino game "Fruitominoes.'  For those of you that like camping/going to the beach/playing outside, they even have these awesome Jumbo games!
Head over and check them out when you have time!  

For the Dog Lover in you... I learned about Canine Cardz.  This is a neat little game... Well, gameS!  It is actually 8 games all in this cute little carry cylinder.    The best part?  There are games in there... but there are also cards included... that teach YOU HOW to draw dogs...
The eight games:   Mutt Match, Go Fetch, Woof, Zazzy 3's, Stay, Pass that Pooch, Bones, Dog Catcher.

I then saw the Tegu booth and I tell you now, those look so fun!  I want to learn to make some of them!  Have you heard of Tegu?  They are WOODEN MAGNETIC blocks!  There are so many different things you can make!  Think of the creativity of kids anyways... now, add to it that they are magnetic blocks... Yeah... Wow... it all just expanded!    What I like is that you can go ahead and buy the large set from the start... OR you can start with "starter sets" for $60.  Then... you can add to when you want.
I love the different colors you can buy!  


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