So Many Changes... Remember When?

I hope I don't offend people with this post...
But, I am totally open for any conversation on this, so I really hope to hear your opinions!  

I just do not really see where this world is headed...  (I AM NOT TALKING POLITICS.)
I just saw on the Nightly News that one school has banned baseball, football or any sports ball that might harm a child while at recess.    Now, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I remember having all sorts of things to play at recess. (Not just school year, but daycare centers too)

We had monkey bars that looked like this... Hey, I think we even had our class picture taken on it one year. 
It was METAL = HOT in GEORGIA SUMMER.  Not that safe, but loads of fun and we all made it.

Image - Google Search

The Merry Go Round.  Another metal one... and the best part was spinning it as fast as you could, while standing... hoping you didn't fly off.  
Image - Google Search
 The SEESAW.  Oh yeah buddy.. Remember jumping off so that the other person came down so much faster?  It wasn't the nicest thing to do... but once again, we made it!  
Image - Google Search
 Finally, Tetherball.  OKAY...  That was AWESOME.  We ALL loved it... and it was a ball.  on a string.  flying directly at you...   
Image - Google Search
Now, it seems like every single time you turn around, yet another item is being banned... not safe...  yes, I understand that we learn that things are harmful and we change from that... but come on...  What else is there going to be left to do at recess?  No sports balls?  Many of the playground structures are gone now...  Swings used to be made with chains and that seat.. you would swing as high as you could and then jump out... now, they are those bucket type things where you can lay in it...   What can they still do?  If you want kids to get outside and play... why take away the things that kids find to be fun and exciting?

I also heard that they are teaching math differently...  no longer teaching cursive... and that they changed some of the names of the shapes?  WHAT the What?!
Broxton will be in kindergarten next year and I am a bit nervous that the things I know will be considered "wrong" from todays teachings...

Am I the only one?  


  1. Its also strange for me because I grew up during a lot of these changes. I still got to experience the old way of things but in middle and high school had to deal with the changes especially math -.- i personally don't like it. There was nothing wrong with the way things were before. Now we have all sorts of problems and I think they can all somehow be tied back to how children are currently raised i.e, no exercise, not learning how to add, subtract, divide, etc without a calculator.

    1. I remember learning about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division...
      Now, they say they are getting rid of the times tables? That was how I learned...
      and someone said something about teaching a new way to do addition...
      I am not trying to be mean, but what was wrong with the old way?

      And calculators and computers...
      don't get me started... I wonder about that .....
      truthfully, I depend on it too much myself...
      take both away and my math will be all wrong and I am scared at what I would type, not having spell check...
      now that my friend, is a HUGE worry for me...
      we are ALL dependent on those items too much in my opinion

  2. I don't worry about it much, but I do note it. And I hope this doesn't irk you or anyone else, but we rode our bikes without helmets, no knee pads when we skated, and so on and so forth, and we were fine.

    The other day I took the 6-yr old out to ride his bike and his dad about flipped because I wasn't taking the helmet. I realize head injuries (or any injuries) are serious stuff, but let the kids play just to play, eesh! We had NO safety precautions other than look both ways when you cross the street, that's not even stretching the truth, and we made it too.

    1. It just seems like the world around us is trying to be " so careful" (which I get, don't mistake that) but what happened to letting kids be kids and play and have fun?
      I remember growing up riding bikes... playing and having fun... grabbing leaves and making those rubs with crayons on the paper... just simple fun things... and now, its all about safety (once again, I get it... but if you have "So much safety... like NO SPORTS BALLS at recess... where does the fun go?!) granted, the way the world has all these nut jobs out there, I wont let Broxton go roaming the streets like we did ... I say that, but it was like 2 houses down and my parents knew where we were... but now, these people are crazy... i get that... but the limits on what kids can do? that is what gets me.....

  3. I understand what you are saying. Kids do need exercise! My son's school just put up a new play area before Mica started. It's pretty sweet!

    I did watch a show on PBS last night on football. My husband actually had it on. He likes football, but wanted to watch it. It's about how football, even small taps to the head can cause slight brain injury. A lady was hired that has examined brains for people with Dimentia; to exam football players brains. Football player after football player had trauma on their brains. The lady brought her studies to the NFL. They tried to play her off. The NFL was taken to court, and they admitted to having a record of brain trauma. They have taken football away from kids in a lot of states over this. One high school football player died. They researched his brain, and found the same issues. Kid's brains are not developed enough. What the trauma does is they start to act depressed, have crazy behavior, then often times take their own life.

    There's an article here:


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