Afraid Of Heights? Climb the Monkey Bars? That's Bananas!! @fobiefriends #facefears

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The second book that we were able to read from Fobie Friends was Climb the Monkey Bars?  That's Bananas!!  I was happy for this one, as I wanted to make sure Broxton is not afraid of heights... You see, I am not afraid of heights, but I am TERRIFIED of falling... so, most times, I will not climb and do things for my fear... I don't want Broxton to ever be held back, so this was a great one for him to read!   He loved it and as with the other Fobie Book, he loved the rhyming and excitement through it all.  Another thing I loved about this?  The main character is with his Papa on this one... (not the typical mom or dad that are in so many of the books!)  

Climb the Monkey Bars? That's Bananas!  is our second book and is also available in hardback. Here, our young boy faces his fears on the playground. Excited to play on a new jungle gym, he tearfully changes directions when his Papa encourages him to climb a ladder so he may join friends on the monkey bars. When his imagination tosses him into a wild place, a gentle, furry friend coaches the new climber through his first success with high places. 

What is something you are afraid of?  


  1. I'm afraid of heights. I hate watching the boys do amusement park rides. YIKES!

  2. My little dude is so not afraid that it makes me afraid, and I wasn't afraid to begin with...if that makes sense. :) The book sounds cute.

  3. My son climbs to the highest heights. He makes me nervous!

  4. I get so nervous when Broxton starts climbing... but he is still nervous too, so he doesn't get too high up


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