Afraid of the Water? Hold Your Seahorses! Water is the WORST!!! @fobiefriends #facefears

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I know a book that we will for sure be reading more and more closer to summer time.  Fobie Friends - Hold Your Seahorses!  Water is the WORST!   You see, this book follows a little girl that loves the beach... but doesn't want to go anywhere near the water.... This is Broxton if I have ever seen it.  He LOVES the pool... and LOVES baths... but there is something about the ocean that he HATES.  The one time we took him to the beach, he had a blast, playing in the sand the whole time.. but as soon as we took him near the water, it was a nightmare and he did not like it one bit...  Hopefully reading this book to him several times will get him to realize it really is a fun time!!!

Hold Your Seahorses!  Water is the WORST! is our third book and is available in hardback. A day in the sun and sand is supposed to be fun, but not when it includes touching the water! A little girl is overcome with anxiety when her mom insists she “try again” to get wet in the ocean. Launched into her imagination, she is greeted by a small, wise friend who takes her on a wild ride under the sea! Comforted by her new friend, the little girl decides that the water can be a fun and exciting place!

What is something your kids are/were afraid of?


  1. JDaniel doesn't like dark. I don't really like deep water.

  2. My youngest doesn't want to swim in Florida because he's scared of sharks and jellyfish. He doesn't want to walk in Florida because he's scared of scorpions. lolol

    Silly boy! :) The book sounds great and lol at your blog post title. :)


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