Little One Afraid of the Dark? Read - Did My Owl Just Growl from @FobieFriends #FaceFears

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Broxton has never really been "scared" of anything too terribly much... But, for some reason, once we bought this house, he started showing a few fears.  I know some of it has to do with the fact that he has big brothers being typical big brothers... but then other fears are just that of young children.  I am not overly concerned, but I did think it was absolutely awesome that we were sent a few books that show that many people are scared of many different things.
The first book for us - Did My Owl Just Growl.  I wanted to read it first, since it was a funny title and I wanted to see what the owl was going to do... (I had no clue at the time that it was the first book in this series!)    Broxton and I loved Did My Owl Just Growl and the story behind it... 
First of all, let me tell you... The rhyming of it all makes you really get into the reading and I know that with it being a rhyming book, it will be great to work with Broxton as he learns to read...
But moving along, in this particular book.... the main character is a kid that is scared of the dark.  As his mom tells him good night, the night comes to life with all the things he is scared of... and then we meet the owl that helps him face his fears!!!     Broxton and I both really enjoyed this book and have actually read it a few different times getting ready to go to bed!!!  

Fobie Friends - Did My Owl Just Growl?  is our first book and is now available in hardback. The turmoil begins the moment the lights go out. Our frightened young boy is in his bedroom tucked in for the night, but he is confronted with eerie sounds and creepy shadows that send his imagination soaring into the spooky, dark woods! Fortunately, an unexpected friend guides him through his adventure.

Is your little one Afraid of the Dark??  


  1. Isaak is afraid of the dark. We leave a hallway light on for him. A lot of times we just leave it on before he goes to sleep.

  2. My daughter is afraid of the dark, she is 4. I have 2 plug-in night lights in her room, which makes it a bit less frightening for her.

  3. I'd buy this just for the title alone!! :) Love it!!


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