Star Wars Days at @LDCatlanta

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Remember when I told you that we went to LegoLand Discovery Center?
Well...  I also told you that I was going to share with you the photos of the Star Wars characters that Broxton met...

He was excited to meet Darth Maul...
This is one of the LDC staff.  But check out that light saber!!!

 Then, he met the Jedi's and he loved seeing them and their light sabers!!!

 All of a sudden, Storm Troopers entered the place!!!  He was THRILLED to see them, since he was a Storm Trooper for Halloween!!!

There were a couple of different ones, but don't ask me.. I have NO Star Wars Knowledge!
But, I do know that we spotted 2 of them riding on one of the rides!!!  Broxton thought it was hilarious... but you better believe that he had to tell Darth Vader about it when he saw him!  

He was also pretty excited to see Boba Fett... He did have his daddy make a Boba Fett pumpkin for Halloween, so I did know who that was!!! 

 While playing in the racing area of LDC, Broxton spotted Chewy and had to go and show off the car he made... Broxton was thrilled that Chewy stopped to check it out ... and a bit later when Broxton was up there racing it, guess what... Chewy was behind him watching!!!!

The BEST part of it all?  Seeing Darth Vader.  Broxton will tell you that Darth Vader is his absolute favorite and when he was there... oh my goodness... Broxton had to tell him about the Storm Troopers riding the ride.  He had to tell him about how he dressed up as a Storm Trooper for Halloween... and of course he had to show off his Star Wars shoes that have light sabers on them that light up!!!

We had a great time and I would say it was a total success!
Thanks to Legoland Discovery Center for the chance to come check it out...
Also- thanks to the GA 501st for volunteering their time to be there!!!

Side note - if you plan to go to Star Wars days (I believe they have another one in the works for later this year...)  I would totally call before purchasing tickets... The day we went, the characters had already left... but luckily we were able to go the next day.. and get these great pictures...  I would just call to confirm that they will be there when you are planning your trip.  


  1. Definitely a success!! That's awesome. I like that the storm troopers rode a ride, that's hilarious!

  2. Fun! One of my students last year had a full Storm Tropper outfit. He would travel with it to. A serious Star Wars fan!


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