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Working with Sterling Publishing, we have been so lucky to have had the chance to review several lines of their books... Up lately is the Dinosaur Books from Paul Strickland.  Let me tell you, if you have a young one that has a fascination of dinosaurs, make sure you check this out....  You will not be disappointed!  
We were sent Dinosaur Numbers, Dinosaur Colors, Dinosaur Shapes and Dinosaur Opposites.  Granted, they all seem geared for the younger kids, as Broxton already knows all of the subjects that are covered, but he did still enjoy looking through the books and they will be great to work with him when he is working on his reading.  I just wish they would have been available earlier, since they made learning fun!!!  
Check out the books and let me know what you think!!

ONE big dinosaur standing all alone …
TWO hungry dinosaurs biting on some bones.

Short, long
Weak or strong,
These dinosaurs are the BEST!
Who is on the biggest square? How many circles are there?
How many sides does a rectangle have? 

Dinosaur red, dinosaur blue, dinosaur yellow … and purple, too! 
I think this would be a great gift idea.  You could give someone the set of the books with a stuffed dinosaur or even give them the books and a dinosaur cartoon or something?  Either way, these are super cute and will surely put  a smile on the face of the little reader you know!!


  1. This looks like a great collection for kids. Makes me almost wish I had kiddos young enough for this.....but I guess soon enough I will. As a grandma. Gah. :)

  2. I love that there's a whole series on different themes like this. Like Angie said, it will be fun to enjoy all this as a grandma some day!

  3. Little ones love dinosaurs, so I can totally, as you said, see these being a big hit!

  4. What a great series! Dinosaurs are sure to catch kids attention.


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