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We never really do anything for St. Patricks Day, yes... We try and wear green, but that is about it...  Last year, a silly little leprechaun caused chaos in the classroom... but nothing at home... I am thinking that this year the leprechaun might pay him a visit, would you like to know why???

Mainly because he will randomly talk about the silly leprechaun and his craziness at school last year, but also because now he is ALWAYS on the lookout for the little green clovers in our yard.  Actually, he looks for them in all yards!!!    I love the excitement and enjoyment from that little 5 year old... and like several of my posts this year... I want life to be more about #MakingMemories.  If having a crazy leprechaun come have fun at our house will make great memories, lets do it!!!!  

As many of you know, I absolutely LOVE to read and I really hope to pass that love along to Broxton.  So far, it is working, as he loves to have me read to him!!!   We were recently sent a few new books to check out  and I was thinking if any of you wanted to have a silly leprechaun come and leave a treat or two leading up to St. Patricks Day (or maybe after as a "thanks" for cleaning up any mess that he / she might leave)    what better than books???  A great thing about the two books I am going to tell you about today... They are UNDER $5.  You read that right!!!  

Up first, Jake and the Neverland Pirates invite us along for a fun day of Surfing in Surfin'Turf!!
I am still new to the "level" books.. but I am really enjoying them so far!  In this book, we start with the Pirate Password and then a Pirate Pledge.  (Broxton was THRILLED to get to yell these out...He love him some Jake!)  As we read the book, we see Jake and his crew having a great day with a mermaid.. but you know Captain Hook, along with Smee, is going to try and come along to cause trouble.  Join along and see if Jake and the gang can save the day!!!
On the corner of some of the pages (like where "Disney Junior" is located on the cover) they have little snippets for interaction with the reader and the book... For example, the illustration on the page shows a surfboard... and there is text going along with the story.  At the bottom corner, it asks how many flowers are on the surfboard.  I thought it was a great way for the reader (maybe mom or dad) to discuss more of the book as they read it to their child.  

In Sophia Take the Lead, I was thinking that Broxton might be totally against it, since it was about Sophia the first.  You know boys... he is all "That is for GIRLS, MOM!"  right now...    Well, surprisingly, he snuggled up and we were able to read this one together.  MORE- THAN-ONCE!!     I thought the book was cute and although it has a princess as the main character, it was cute and would appeal to both girls and boys, as they are out in the woods on a hike!!!   
In both books, the illustrations are Disney quality!  We have really enjoyed these books and I have even caught Broxton sitting in the chair "reading" them as I work on dinner!!! Talk about making Mama Smile!!!!
Click on over to the Disney Publishing Site and see what other World of Reading Titles are available.  Both of the books mentioned above will be available March 4, 2014 and are geared for kids age 3-5.  


  1. I used to look for four leaf clovers, man, I spent some time at it, lol

    We don't do much for the holiday either (except wear green so we won't get pinched ;) ) but I think it would be fun to do so. :)

  2. I love when the kids leave gender aside. :) I was scared about the 'it's for girls' thing recently too, with a movie we went to see, but like you and this, it turned out happy okay. :)


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