How We Do It....

If you read my post last week, my little boy is now a big 5 year old.
I ask you this, WHERE does the time go????
It seems like just the other day he was born and though all the milestones are flying by, I am loving every single minute... Although I do wish they would slow down just a bit... 

Anyways- he had his party this past weekend.
We invited a few friends kids and then the kids in his class at school and his karate class.
We actually had a nice turnout and we really liked the whole thing.
I LOVED the smiles and excitement on all of the kids faces...
From the time they walked in, until they left...
It was screaming, yelling and a great time!
I did want to share a few pictures, but I also wanted to make sure I was not showing any of the other kids, so the pictures are limited... 

Sitting on the "cake" while all the kids were introduced to one another.
  (They also all had to give Broxton a high 5!)
One of the activities?  Knocking down this triangle.  The kids all loved it and they incorporated Star Wars character names in the game, since he wanted a Star Wars/ Lego party!!!
Another activity?  Walking on the Air Walk.  (Pretending they were flying in space... going with the theme!)
I had a hard time deciding the cake, so we went with a picture I took of him, with Star Wars Characters!
WIN WIN on that one!!!
Once home, he got to open all of his gifts.  One gift?  A brand new BAT for his first season of baseball!  

I think the party was a success.  That makes for one happy Mama!!!!


  1. Looks like he had so much fun!! Awesome!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I've gotta ask - was renting the place super expensive? So far we've only had birthday parties at our house.

    I can see why the cake was such a hit!

  3. He is not five already? He can't possibly be! Kindergarten ahead, oh my goodness. He's adorable and you made that into such a fun party for him. :)

  4. I love that cake. He's so, so cute. I think that everytime you put his picture up. I'm glad he had a good birthday party!

  5. What an awesome party spot! JDaniel would love it.

  6. Gosh he is so grown up!
    Happy Birthday to your sweetie! Glad the party was a success!


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