Disney Characters, Books and Stickers - Oh My!!!!

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Are your kids into stickers?  Broxton has recently (within the last year) really started liking stickers and we actually made him a sticker book.  Side note- we also tried the "pen pal" route and had one girl that we were exchanging stickers with... He LOVED IT!!!     For his birthday, one of his aunts sent him a sticker book and he was so excited.  That being said, I knew when I saw the two sticker books from Disney that he was going to be so happy!!  As much as he loves stickers... and as much as I am hoping he loves reading... Talk about a win - win situation!!! 

I am not sure if your house is into Doc McStuffins, but if you aren't... You need to be!   We love that show! It is so cute!  Doc is an adorable little girl that is a "doctor" to all of her toys, fixing them when they just aren't the way they once were.  The best part?  She writes (draws) the diagnosis in her "BIG BOOK OF BOO BOOS" and her diagnosis for each toy is just the cutest names!  
I might actually be feeling a bit of miss-broxton-a- tosis right now, as he was giving great hugs and kisses before school today!
Anyways, in Leilani's Luau, we meet Leilani, a little Hawaiian luau dancer that Doc's grandmother sent her from Hawaii.  Leilani teaches the other toys about her dance, but then she no longer dances... Read along in Leilani's Luau to see what Doc needs to do to make her dance once more!!!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Birthday Bash came right in time to go with Broxton's birthday...   So you know he was excited to get this one.  Hey, he did dress as Jake one year, so you know he loves this cartoon!    In the Birthday Bash, Jake is celebrating his birthday with his pirate crew (he even lets Smee, Sharky, Bones and Captain Hook come along, as he wants EVERYONE to have a good time!)    We get to follow a treasure map to have singing to Jake... and then play a couple of different party games.  It looks so fun and to be honest, its a great birthday party idea for anyone looking for a Jake themed party!  
Once again, Broxton was laughing and smiling the whole time we read this book.

The added bonus to both books is that while the story line and illustrations are from Disney, so we know they are awesome...  We also get the enjoyment of over 60 stickers inside each book!!!

The Jake book was available for purchase on February 4, 2014 and the Doc book will be available March 18, 2014.  Both of these books are geared for ages 3-5.


  1. Isaak is the one in our family that likes stickers. He puts five on at a time.

  2. I've never heard anyone describe the show before and it totally sounds adorable! I'm glad you explained it!

  3. My son has a Doc McStuffins app on his Kindle that he likes to play. His teacher has the same one on the class iPod. :)


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