Finding Friends - Lost and Found

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Lost and Found is really a " magical tale of friendship" and we really enjoyed it.  
I decided that it was a great time to settle down and try and enjoy a slower paced show for a bit.  That is exactly what we did!  I really did not know what Lost and Found was about, but decided to check it out...  
This is a cute DVD about a little boy that find a friend in a lone penguin.  
The cool part to me was that it was "Originally inspired by the real-life story of a little boy in Belfast, Ireland, who somehow managed to sneak a penguin out of the zoo during a class trip and all the way home to his bathtub before anyone noticed, LOST AND FOUND tells the unforgettable story of a little boy who one day finds a penguin on his doorstep.  Assuming that the unexpected visitor must have lost his way, the thoughtful and determined boy takes up the noble task of bringing the penguin back home - even if it means rowing all the way to the South Pole! But when the pair finally arrive at their destination, the boy soon discovers that maybe the penguin wasn't really lost after all.  Maybe he was just lonely... And maybe he wasn't the only one. "
We thought it was a very cute story and would recommend for everyone to watch.
( This will be one that we watch at night, as it might be a great way to relax before bed! )


  1. Oh my gosh on the real story part. Can you imagine the reactions of everyone involved???? LOLOL!!


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