Richard Scarry's Books for Young Readers

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As the weather here is getting nasty, I am so excited to get to break out a few new books for Broxton to enjoy!!!  Just today we were able to read two books from Richard Scarry and Sterling Publishing.  Broxton isn't really familiar with the characters, as he has never seen the show... But, he did have a couple toys that he used to play that was based upon them.  He enjoyed them and it was great that he wants SNOW and one was about the kids wanting snow too!!!
I really liked the books, as they were "Great Big Schoolhouse Readers" and perfect to add to our growing library.  Seeing as he is about to turn 5, we are starting to learn about these different "level" books.  We were sent a Level 1 and a Level 2 book for review.  
For those new to the "level" books- 
Level 1 - Introduce your child to reading 
Level 2 - Your child starts to read
Level 3 - Your child reads with help

Huckle has a shiny new red sled—but what he doesn't have is snow. After many funny attempts to find a solution to his problem, Huckle and his pals decide to do a “snow dance.” And guess what? It works! This Level One story will delight beginning readers even as it teaches them to sound out simple words. 

Sally Cat has a cold. One, two, AH-CHOO! Mr. and Mrs. Cat have colds, too, and so does almost everyone at school. It's up to Huckle and Lowly to take care of them all—and that means some messy, silly, Scarry-style fun! But by day's end, Huckle and Lowly are so tired that, oh no: two more to go AH-CHOO! 

Are you familiar with Richard Scarry?


  1. I am familiar with Richard Scarry! I had a book of his when I was a young girl and I still remember the drawings and such, and how happy I was when reading it. :)

  2. I always liked his work. We went to a children's museum that had some of his work on display.

  3. I never knew that richard scarry had books! growing up we used to watch his show and my brother had a computer game of the busy world of richard scarry, but how fun to learn there are books too!

  4. I never knew that richard scarry had books! Growing up we used to watch the show, and my brother had a busy world of richard scarry computer game, but how fun to learn he has books as well!


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