History of the World with Google Earth

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Normally I get excited about the different books Broxton gets to review, but this time... I am totally stoked to get to review this book... and maybe a bit more for me than for him.  I know, I know, I am just telling the truth!!!
We were recently sent the book, History of the World with Google Earth and I am so excited to dive into this book!  I was all giddy with excitement when I read the opening pages... 

To be honest, from time to time, I like to " go on vacation" and I will sit online and google different images and information about different area's that I would love to visit one day.  
I mean, how much money am I saving as I jet set all over the world through the internet???  Well - now I can have a bit of fun with Broxton as we "fly" all over and get to have an adventure that is more than just looking at the pictures. We went to New York City, Mississippi and England tonight alone!!
In this book, you start and have puzzle challenges.  
There are 11 different time periods that you will visit. 

As you visit, you get to to do many activities.  Some of them are word search, some are spotting things in pictures... that is just in the book!  There is also a paragraph telling you about the area and time - but then you go online (based on the coordinates) and learn even more about the area!!!
It has been so fun and that was just skimming over the book!  I plan to take work on one area per day... just as an added bit of fun for us to "explore" the area around us!  

Do you ever "travel" through the internet?  


  1. That does sound like the perfect book to peruse w/friends or co-workers!

  2. I love everything travel-related and this would be a blast with the little activities for each location!

  3. This looks really cool - would love to have this.

  4. I saw this on twitter and wanted to see what it was all about. Totally cool. In fact, I bet my hubby would love this. He's been laid off since Thanksgiving so he searching for things to do. You can only work on the house so much without money, but the upkeep he's been doing was well over do. ~snicker~ How have you been? I haven't talked to you in like forever. How's the family? I hope everyone is fine, and maybe you can join us on Monday's again & rock out with us sometimes... Our theme is in my sidebar & every other week is still a freebie as this week is. Love to have you boogie on down with us! HUGS... signing up for your e-mail again so we can keep in touch. I cut down on so many because I was getting so much. I think your was cut by mistake for sure. HUGSSSSSSSSSSS

  5. My grandson would enjoy this fun book. It would make a nice gift for him.

  6. I travel on the internet all of the time. I take many winter vacations on the internet as well. the activities would be so much fun for my granddaughter as well as educational. What a great product.


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