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Mobile Clean & Go™, a brand of DF Consumer Products, Inc., has officially launched its MiniMicro™ Triplepak and MegaMicro™ cleaning cloths. Start your new year off with clean and germ free devices! 
The new MegaMicro cloth is designed for cleaning larger displays, tablets, computer monitors, TV screens and marine electronics. The MiniMicro Triplepak offers three refill microfiber pads for the popular Mobile Clean & Go Starter Kit and Value Pack.
“Our customers provided us with valuable product feedback and we listened,” Lad Ferian, Chief Executive Officer of DF Consumer Products, Inc. said. “The MiniMicro Triplepak and MegaMicro are perfect compliments to Mobile Clean & Go’s screen cleaning solution. 
Both products feature Mobile Clean & Go’s exclusive Dual-Hybrid™ technology offering two cleaning surfaces in one unique cloth design: a textured side for quick removal of fingerprints, dirt, grime, water spots and sunscreen; and a smooth optical-grade microfiber side to polish the screen to a crystal clear shine.
Mobile Clean & Go safely and effectively cleans screens on devices such as tablets, laptops, and smart phones, leaving screens free of fingerprints, dirt, and germs. Featuring a compact, flat spray bottle, a microfiber cleaning pad, and a vinyl sleeve for portability, the Mobile Clean & Go kit is smaller than a smart phone and slips easily into any locker, student desk, or backpack.
Mobile Clean & Go MiniMicro™ Triplepak ($4.99) and MegaMicro™ ($8.99) are available for immediate purchase through the online store at


  1. That is so nice! Phones can be so dirty. They sit in your purse, touch you face, land on the ground, and more. It's good to keep them clean.

  2. These look handy. I get scared cleaning my screen, so having something made specifically for it makes good sense.

  3. Every once in a while someone will hand me their phone for something and I almost always will wash my hands as soon as I can afterwards. I can't help but think "how many times have they been typing away on that thing in the bathroom".


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