Ugga Mugga - Daniel Tiger Episodes are Available on 2 Discs Now

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As a child, I was a huge fan of Mr. Rogers neighborhood, so it was only meant to be that I was going to be so excited when I heard of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  Have you heard of it?
Long story short- (This is totally my opinion... so don't go thinking this was stated anywhere besides here)  If you were a fan of Mr. Rogers, you remember how he would put his shoes on, hang up his sweater and how he had that adorable trolley???  Well, now- we have Daniel Tiger, who also puts his shoes on, wears a red sweater ... and get this - HE RIDES THE TROLLEY.    The characters are actually off-springs of the characters we loved from the original show. You can "meet the characters" and see just what I mean.  

We were recently sent the two DVD's that were released with Daniel Tiger Episodes on it.
As soon as Broxton saw the case, he was so excited, yelling " I can't BELIEVE you got Daniel Tiger for me!"    He was happy and I was too.   This show is geared more for 2-4 year olds, but quite honestly, Broxton has enjoyed watching the show even now - you know, since he has been 5 for less than a month! Ha ha ha!    I love the show too and we can both enjoy it together, whenever we want to now!!  

Adventures on Daniels' Big Feelings Disc-
Duckling Goes Home
Daniel Feels Left Out
Daniel Gets Frustrated
Frustration at School
Daniel is Jealous
Jealousy at the Treehouse
Someone Else's Feelings
Empathy at School

Adventures on Life's Little Lessons Disc - 
Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty
Daniel Goes to the Potty
Daniel Visits the School
Daniel Visits the Doctor
Daniel Shares his Tigertastic Car
Katerina Shares her Tutu
Good Morning, Daniel
Goodnight, Daniel

Have you watched Daniel Tiger before?


  1. Isaak loves that show. It's kind of sad because now he's in school, and doesn't get to watch it as much. I think it has such a great message.

  2. Who are the people in your neighborhood?? :) Mr. Roger's song... I loved that show too.

    We watch PBS, but somehow we missed this show!! It looks cute. :)


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