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*** This has been updated, as I forgot to mention one totally awesome part.  Read the bottom!  ***
I will admit, we have never really done anything for St. Patricks Day.  (I mentioned this before, but I want to make sure everyone knows this.)  Last year, Broxton went to school on St. Patricks Day and came home totally stoked talking about all of this stuff that the leprechaun did to his class.  This crazy little leprechaun made a mess, turned things crazy and did all sorts of stuff... but at the end, that leprechaun left each of his classmates a treat... He was SO EXCITED about it and still talks about it today.
Well, luckily for us... we have a new tradition that we will be starting this year!
We will have a leprechaun visiting our house!!!!  

We were sent a super cute book for review, The Naughty Leprechaun Story , for review!!  In The Naughty Leprechaun Story, we meet Liam and Leyland, two leprechaun brothers.  They are twins, but are totally opposite!  Liam did really good in school and likes to reward with toys and treasures... but then you have Leyland that was always in timeout and loves to leave treats and tricks!!!   In this book, you learn their story ... and learn that they will come visit you... Depending upon how you have been, that is which leprechaun comes to visit!   The last night (the night before St. Patricks Day) they both come to visit you!!!
I love that Liam doesn't ask for a million things, but simply asks "to do your best."
We have gone over that a million times with Broxton.  We don't expect the world from him, but we do expect him to do the best he can do!!   I love that this book goes over that again!  

I can not wait to introduce The Naughty Leprechaun Story to Broxton and start a new tradition!  As I have said, it is all about making memories!!!!  

Updated section -
The great thing besides the story line on this book???  It comes in a keepsake box. 
But get this ---  It comes with a pretty awesome keepsake coin too!  On the coin - you have Liam on one side and Leyland on the other.  Each of the nights leading up to St. Patricks day (You start on March 14th)  you let the kids pick out if they want Liam or Leyland to come and visit them.  If they have been good - meaning DID THEIR BEST- they have nothing to worry about...   But, although they picked out who they would LIKE to come visit...   It is totally up to the leprechauns who actually comes!    Then, the night of the 16th , BOTH of them come and leave treats, tricks and treasures.
You don't have to worry about losing the coin, as it is not the size of a typical coin, it is a special coin that is rather large... as in it has a diameter of about the size of a soda can!  (Ha ha, I could not think of anything else to compare the size to!)    I think that this would make a great gift to add a fun and exciting tradition to your household!!!!


  1. JDaniel has always encountered him at school and has loved his visits.

  2. I've got to get this, lol I haven't heard of the visiting Leprechaun until you began to mention him. Kind of like the elf concept at Christmas (which the kids also love!). :)

  3. How cute! I always put a little green food dye in the toilet. I tell the boys that a Leprechaun peed in the toilet. They run to look.


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