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I hope I don't jinx myself by saying this... But I have luckily never had a problem with heartburn.  Even when I was pregnant with Broxton, people would warn me that I would be dealing with heartburn quite often, but I was one of the lucky ones.  I did have a small occurrence for a couple weeks right there at the very end, but as I said - small... So no big deal!    Marc on the other hand?  
Give him a meal with any form of tomato sauce and he will complain of heartburn before it is over...  Specifically Spaghetti, Pizza and even chili gets him going... I guess I get a big WIFE FAIL on that one, as I never really thought about keeping anything for him.  We normally eat and then he has to deal with it...  Well, Not-Any-More!!!   I can wipe that WIFE FAIL slate clean, as we now have a supply of TUMS to keep the heartburn at bay so he can enjoy more and suffer less!!!!    
TUMS Freshers: The only TUMS product that relieves heartburn fast and freshens breath at the same time.
TUMS Chewy Delights: Offers the same great heartburn relief as other TUMS products, but in a delicious soft chew!
TUMS Rolls: Classic TUMS antacids in a convenient roll that fits right in your pocket or purse.
I will admit - I had no clue that TUMS came in such a wide variety of product.  To be honest, I though it was just the rolls and that was it...Not to mention I thought it was in just one flavor...
Nope- it comes is several flavors and varieties sure to make dinner and a movie more enjoyable!  So, head on out and splurge... Keep TUMS in your pocket or purse and you should be good to go!!!!

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  1. Fortunately I do not have heartburn. Though it is good to know about these products should I ever need them.

  2. I read that people with acid reflux can also have irritation from sleeping on their side because it causes the acid to settle in their throat. That may be worth looking into.


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