Sofia the First Books, With Great Messages for ALL !!!

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We have not really fallen into the stereotypical "boy/girl" things yet... But I am sure it is coming soon.  I mean, Broxton is in school and hears all sorts of things on a daily basis.  He will sit and watch shows with me that are somewhat geared more towards girls.  No, he doesn't normally ask for them - but he will watch and snuggle with me!    We were sent 2 more books + digital codes from Disney Books and this time they were centered on Sofia the First.   When this show first came out on TV, we watched.  He wasn't THAT into it... but he did enjoy it with me.  I sat down and read these books the other day.  He wasn't home yet and I wanted to see if I thought he would enjoy them...  
Answer is?  Yes- I think he will.  Most importantly of all, I absolutely LOVED the message behind them!  

Image from Disney Books Website

The first book - Sofia the First: The Enchanted Feast.  This book comes with a digital song for download.  I know lots of kids would love having that added bonus!    This was a really cute book that shows Sofia getting ready for a feast... but the guest for the evening makes Sofia feel like something isn't right.   We then get a guest appearance by none other than Snow White!!!  She shares with Sofia her experience about people not being truthful...  and tells Sofia if she has a bad feeling, she needs to go with her instincts.  I loved that it was a great message and that it brought a loved character into this story too!  I will be sharing this with Broxton soon!  
Image from Disney Books Website

The other - Sofia the First: The Royal Slumber Party.  This book is a physical book, but it also includes a downloadable app that allows you to "read and create."  In this book, we get to meet Sofia's friends that are not princesses.  Sofia and her sister have a slumber party and invite their friends over... Since Sofia is still new to all of this "princess" stuff, she invites her friends from the village while her sister, Amber invites her princess friends.  As the night progresses, Sofia tries hard to have her old friends get along with her new friends...  and in the end changes them into who they are not.  Her old friends decide to leave, as they are not having fun having to be someone else.  Luckily for us, Sofia gets wise advice from her mom, to treat people with kindness and like them for who they are.  That being said, she takes the advice and brings them back to the slumber party for a night full of fun and enjoying how different each one is!
Again, I loved this advice and it is another one that I will be sharing with Broxton.
Princess characters or not - I love the message being shared!!!!


  1. Such a popular show, and even though I have a boy in the house, I like to watch it too. The books would be cute for my granddaughter, she'll be reading before we know it.

  2. I remember that age. I did nothing about it. I think children should naturally fall into where they fit.
    Then one day it came and the boy was like, that's for my sister :) haha.

    But even know they still watch and read books that are for either or either.

    We haven't yet seen Sofia though. Just not enough time for tv, but if it's a book, we are all over it :)

  3. My daughter has been watching Sophia since the show first aired! Both of my kids, girl age 5, and boy age 4, enjoy watching Sophia.

  4. I've seen this show a few times as my grandsons like to watch it, too! I bet they would enjoy reading the book. They look forward to reading every night before bed.


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