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Although summer break has started here (and most other places by now, right?)  it doesn't mean that it is time to put the books up. In my opinion, it is more important to keep reading books DURING the summer!!! Stimulate the mind, my friend, explore and discover new worlds and characters!   Or - you can be like us and revisit characters we know and love...  I was happy when we were sent the latest Disney Book Group Planes book to review - Disney Planes - Fire and Rescue :  Dusty's Big Job and we loved it!

This was such a super cute book!   I loved the message behind it and as always, I loved the illustrations!  
In Dusty's Big Job, we see Dusty as he has been told he can not fly fast (and will no longer be able to race) due to engine issues.  He then decides that he wants to be a firefighter and heads off to train.  During that time, he makes great friends and is injured while on a mission... 
He is upset about this and tells his trainer, Blade, that he wants to give up training to be a firefighter.  
Blade says " If you give up today, think of all the lives you won't save tomorrow."  
I absolutely LOVE that message!!!!
If you are a fan of the Disney Planes series, you will love this book!!!  
It is a hard back book with thicker than normal pages (thicker than normal, but not a board book)  that means it would be great for travel!     As as added bonus, there is a "story book deluxe app" that you can download to test our your flying skills!  (iPad and iPhone app)

Another book we were sent was Disney Planes - Fly and Drive Read Along Storybook and CD.
This book here - Wow.  
It is a great book with 4 wonderful stories!
It includes Cars, Cars 2, Air Mater and Planes.
With Cars, Cars 2 and Planes, it is the same story as the movie, just summarized it into a book with not that many pages.  With the Air Mater - you will have to read it to know about it, but it was cute - Mater was a special Stunt Plane!
With this book, it is also a hard cover book with thicker pages...  It would be great for a younger kid that is just learning how to handle a book.  This special thing about this?  It comes with a CD that will allow your little one to read along.  (It makes sounds that lets the little one know it is time to turn the page!)
I already have a special little friend that will be getting this for a birthday gift!
If you know a Disney Cars / Planes fan... This is a great book to purchase... It is UNDER $10.


  1. We just picked out a bunch of books yesterday.

  2. These sound like so much fun! Gotta love Mater!

  3. I'm glad to see books still come with a CD. My son likes to put CDs in (from his older siblings book combos). I know he'd like one o his own.


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