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Burton the Scarecrow has recently made his way into our house and let me tell you- these books are super cute!  I was trying to figure out just how exciting a scarecrow would be and V.A. Boeholt has done a great job in keeping us entertained.  We were sent the 5 book series and I fell in love with Burton as soon as we met him.  

Burton is awesome and a great role model for kids to have.  This post is going to share the first 2 books of the series and you will have to come back to learn of the last 3.   If you don't fall in love with the illustrations in the book, you will for sure fall in love with the stories you get to read!  

Book 1 - Burton the Kind Scarecrow:
Whether he’s protecting Farmer Green’s crops or helping his friends, Burton the Scarecrow sets an example of kindness and commitment that will help young readers develop these strengths within themselves

In Burton the Kind Scarecrow, we are first introduced to Burton and learn what his job is around the farm... but Burton is more than just a scarecrow... he is a friend to all the animals in the area.  Thinking of HIMSELF before others.      

Book 2 - Burton's Friendship Garden:
How does a garden grow? With a little love, some helping hands, and a lot of hard work! When Farmer Green is injured during spring planting season, Burton and his nearby bird and animal friends find a heartwarming solution to the farmer’s problem. 

In Burton's Friendship Garden, we learn that Farmer Green has been injured.  Burton the Scarecrow takes it upon himself to take care of the garden to make sure that Farmer Green has  food to eat and sell.   I love that he takes control and is a good leader - not just someone barking out orders.

With all of Burton the Scarecrow books, the author has added a bonus for parents/ caregivers/teachers and more...
The end of each book includes a resource guide.
There is a glossary to help you work on learning words and definitions, a page on story concepts, reader & listener tips, reader & listener connecting points, and even ideas for activities. 


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