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I am really loving the Burton the Scarecrow series that we were sent for review.  I love that you can buy the whole series, or just individual books and I think that they would make great gift ideas!  If you have a young one in your life, you could actually buy this set of books to help to building a great home library!  

You might wonder why you would want a set of books "about a scarecrow" but guess what - that is just a small part.  The MORAL compass of each book far outweighs the scarecrow of it all... The scarecrow character just makes it more "kid friendly"  but the message is something that many of the adults in the world could learn from!  

Book 3 - Burton's Harvest Party : 
With Grandma Green away judging the State Quilting Contest, it’s up to Farmer Green and his grandchildren to decorate for the fall harvest celebration.With help from Burton the Scarecrow and his barnyard friends, Farmer Green and the children host one humdinger of a harvest party! 

What a super cute book!  I will admit, I was not expecting the end... and I loved it! When Farmer Green's wife not being able to help plan the  fall harvest, Farmer Green tries his best...   but Burton, being such a kind scarecrow, realizes that more can be done.  As much as the Farmer looks out for him, he wants to make sure to look out for him as well!    What a cute book with a great message!  

Book 4 - Burton and the Christmas Tree: 
When Firry, a proud Douglas fir, is damaged and discarded on his way to the tree lot, he soon learns that being first rate means much more than being the finest tree in the field. Rescued and repaired by Burton the Scarecrow and his little woodland friends, Firry discovers the true feeling of Christmas. 

Another great book with Burton, but this leaves the focus more to a Christmas Tree named Firry.    Firry is a bit of a bragger and actually has negative feelings around him because of his attitude.  Luckily, he learns a bit of humility and of course, we have Burton the Scarecrow to thank for helping change his outlook!  
Book 5- Burton Helps Dixie Duck:
Dixie Duck has always wanted a family, but she doesn’t like all the commotion in Farmer Green’s fowl yard! Deciding to nest by the nearby creek, Dixie lays seven beautiful eggs in a pile of soft dirt. When she returns from sharing her good news, Dixie discovers that her precious eggs are missing! When Burton the Scarecrow comes to help her find them, Dixie learns an important life lesson about cooperation, friendship and the value of companionship.

Dixie Duck made a perfect nest for her little eggs... but then the nest disappears!  What is she to do??   The farm animals know that Burton is the one that will have a plan!  I thought it was cute that the animals helped one another, but I also really enjoyed how Burton used reasoning in helping Dixie make a decision!  Another cute book on Farmer Greens Farm!

As I mentioned in my first post (on the first 2 Burton Books) all of Burton the Scarecrow books, the author has added a bonus for parents/ caregivers/teachers and more... 
The end of each book includes a resource guide.  
There is a glossary to help you work on learning words and definitions, a page on story concepts, reader & listener tips, reader & listener connecting points, and even ideas for activities.
Make sure you visit the authors site to see about adding Burton the Scarecrow to your library!!


  1. I love that you do book reviews for the kiddos. Tis the season to stock up on 'em too (summer vacay is almost here for us!).


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