World of Reading with Super Heroes - Thor and Spider Man #DigIntoReading

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Broxton is really getting more and more into reading and that makes me so happy!  Right now we are all about " what does S-T-O-P spell"  or "what does O-P-E-N spell"  every sign he can see, we have to discuss...   That is when we are riding around... Once we get home, we read books and have decided that we will start a book journal for the summer...  (We have never left the library with less than 5 books each time!)  What I love is that Disney Books has released the Super Hero "World of Reading" books and that makes little man happy- so that makes mama happy too!  

Up first - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Fully Charged.
This book has us meet Peter Parker aka Spider Man and learn of a guy named Max.  Max has decided that he wants to be a villain and at the end of the day, it is Spider Man who has to try and save the city.  Max turns into the evil villain, Electro, and he thrives on POWER.  Electrical power - that shuts down the city!
See what Spider Man has to do to try and save the city!
If your little one is into STICKERS like Broxton, you will love that the added bonus of this is 2 sticker sheets inside the book!  Broxton spotted that first and was so excited!  (There is a sheet in the front of the book and then another at the end!)  

The other book we were sent was This Is Thor  - World of Reading Level 1.  
I will admit that I learned something in this book.  I am still getting into the super hero stuff, so I had NO IDEA that Thor also lived on Earth... As a doctor....  Am I alone on this one?
Dr. Don Blake is also Thor- I had no clue!  I like this, since it tells about Thor and Loki- and the magic hammer...   The sentences are simple (Perfect for Level 1 readers)  and the pictures make you enjoy it even more.  

If you have an early reader, this is a great group of books!  Small enough that you can even throw it in a purse or a carry on bag!  


  1. Those look so fun! Isaak can read, but he needs to build up his confidence. I don't know if he compares himself to Mica, who can read really well, or what the deal is? I keep telling him, "You are doing such a good job reading!" He reads, throws his head back and says, "I just can't read." I'm like, "I just heard you read. You can do it! You even got some of the long words."

  2. I have an early reader! And ugh, you just reminded me that I left our library book (Green Eggs & Ham) at Pizza Hut and no one turned it in. phhhhhhhft We like to take books with us too, just don't forget yours somewhere like we did. ;)
    My son would love this series, I already know!

  3. What a great way for kids to join the superhero fun in a way that's "safe". The movies aren't always kid-appropriate, but these are!


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