After School Snack Ideas (or before practice snack ideas) #cbias

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You know how time changes?  Well even though some things change, others still remain the same... 

Like good food and good memories!!!    If you have kids, that means easy to make snacks!  That is when you can be thankful that your local Wal-mart carries Bagel Bites and Delimex!  
My brother - age 6
My sweet baby boy - age 5
I remember when my brother was little, he played baseball.. and now I get to enjoy watching Broxton getting ready to enjoy baseball season!  While I am lucky to get to be a stay at home mom ( I would not trade it for anything in the world...) My mom and dad have both always worked.  I get to figure out what would be great #AfterSchoolSnacks  for Broxton, but mom and dad didn't have to worry about snacking options until my brother was older... 
It is funny, I was given the chance, from #CollectiveBias,  to shop for Bagel Bites and Delimex food items to tell you a few great back to school snack and in doing so, all I could think about was my teenage years... Talk about memories!  I can remember going to friends houses after school and we would enjoy bagel bites as after school snacks...    The Delimex taquitos?  Yeah.. that totally makes me think of my brother!  I am not sure where he tried his first taquito, but he fell in love with them and that was an item we used to have in our freezer all the time!  
Delimex in Wal-mart 

Let me give you a heads up...  I was not very happy with Wal-Mart in the placement of the Delimex.  Let me explain... It (to me) is a snack food, it is a frozen food and it comes in taquitos or tacos... That being said, I thought it was going to be in the MAIN frozen food section...  It wasn't - it was in the stand alone open top frozen section that is in between the frozen food aisles and the meat department.  To be honest, I NEVER look there - unless I am looking for the pre-made frozen patties (chicken or hamburger)  other than that.. That section NEVER crosses my mind.. So, I over looked it on a couple of the times I went. I thought it would have been in the section where the frozen snacks / appetizer /pizza/taco section would be.  Major fail on my part.  I finally found it  and I can say that both Broxton and Marc were very happy!  I wanted to get something in Broxton's tummy, since he doesn't always eat his lunch.. and I wanted him to have something in there since baseball practice can be draining...  This was great for us!  (With "TACO TUESDAY" coming up, this works great for a dinner option too!) 
Our Taquitos.
We all enjoyed that you could cook them in the microwave (1 min 15 seconds)  and that you can cook them in the oven too.  Our personal take?  We enjoyed the microwave version better!
 Happy Kid.. Happy Belly!  

We also grabbed bagel bites while at Walmart too!  This was always a great snack -- bite sized pizza?  Real cheese?  Homemade sauce with 0g of trans fat?  Can't beat that!  If you aren't a fan of just cheese or just pepperoni, do what we did!  Add a bit of extra topping to it!  

Cheese with onions and mushrooms on it!  YUM!!!!!!!

With the bagel bites, we were not really fans of them out of the microwave (but they are great if in a rush for time...) but the ones out of the oven?  AMAZING!  Like, Broxton wasn't a fan of the microwave versions.. but inhaled them from the oven!  Yeah!!!!

Since money is tight at times, we always can use coupons, right?
Currently you can click on the links for Bagel Bites and/or Delimex coupons!
If you are like me and need help in the creativity department, make sure you visit the Bagel Bites website to get more recipes!

What are your after school snack ideas?


  1. Good feedback on the placement of the product! I hate when something is in an odd spot too, esp. if it's something I'm looking for, lol! My oldest is a taquito lover (I still get them if he's coming home to visit), and I LOVE that picture of Broxton!!

  2. Often times I give the boys granola bars.

  3. My son loves bagel bites and pizza rolls for a snack. I like the idea of adding your own toppings.


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