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You know you love your child when you say "Yes!"  to reviewing a book about snakes, knowing good and well that you have no desire what so ever to look at that book, but you want to, because you know that it is something that they would enjoy!  
When I first saw the cover of Snakeopedia, I was immediately thinking that this was NOT a book for me.. And yes, I was correct... But - if you have someone that is eager to learn about snakes (or if you want it around as a reference book)  then this is a book for you!  
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It’s the new, ultimate guide on snakes, reptiles, and amphibians, SNAKEOPEDIA (July 8, $19.95, Ages 7+). TIME for Kids and Discovery have teamed up to create this visually stunning book aimed at kids obsessed with these scaly creatures. They will learn everything they want to know about a snake’s unique anatomy, what and how they eat, their evolution, recent reptile discoveries, and so much more!

Loaded with 180 full-color pages and 400 photos, images, and facts from Discovery experts and a herpetologist (someone who studies reptiles and amphibians), SNAKEOPEDIA seamlessly combines learning with fun, as young readers and snake enthusiasts read about the 12 families of snakes as well as other members of the reptile family such as lizards, turtles, and crocodiles.

The chapters in this book include:
Reptile Taxonomy
Snake Anatomy
Blind Snakes
Snake Families
Shield-tailed Snakes
Fangs and Teeth
Pipe Snakes
Snake Senses
Sunbeam Snakes
Snake Skin
Feeding Habits
Wood Snakes
Attack and Defense
File Snakes
Snake Habitats
Life Cycle
Burrowing Aps
Extinct Species
Record Breakers
Facts and Fears 
Other Reptiles:
Turtles and Tortoises
Lesser Known Reptiles
Recent Discoveries
Shaving Reptiles
Hands on Activities

This book is actually very interesting.  Yes, I will admit that...
The images are FANTASTIC... and the information throughout is very cool to know.  I will say that I am not a snake fan.. have never been a snake fan and will never be one either, but this was full of amazing photographs and each 2 page spread also has plenty of text boxes to give you all you want to know!
This would be a great addition to any library and I am glad that it is now part of ours!  


  1. I actually know a lot about them. I went to a snake convention once. It was interesting.

  2. I used to volunteer at a place in Florida (for a class) and they gave me the option to take care of the snake cages or the opossum as one of my duties. I picked the o'possum. ;) I bet there is a ton to learn about them though (snakes).


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