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Do you happen to know anyone that might need glasses and could possibly be having a hard time dealing with that?  I know glasses are sometimes a tough pill to swallow, especially when you are younger... So I am glad that they have started addressing issues such as that in childrens books!
I remember getting glasses... It was 5th grade (I think) ...  but I don't really remember much else about it... I was having a hard time seeing the board in school... I guess the kids weren't that mean to me, or maybe I blocked it out, but I know it was an adjustment. (Same thing for braces in 7th grade, but lets not go there!)   We have actually read Calvin, Look Out!  a few times now and love it each time like it was the first time reading it...   In this Calvin book, we get to see how Calvin is struggling before he gets glasses...
By the way, I loved the way that they did it... He was at the library:
He curled up to read about his favorite subject, Dragons.. but instead found himself reading about Wagons!
Then, he decided to shift his attention to a different book so that he could see better... one about dinosaurs.. but the "dinosaur" in his mind?  Well, it turned out to be a chicken!
The librarian spoke with him about his vision and since he was already at the library, he did a little research to learn about his problem.
You can read the book to see how he ended up going to the eye doctor.. and how his cousins all made fun of him when he came home with glasses..  BUT - you can also read to see how his glasses that were so hilarious to his cousins ended up being just what he needed to save himself... and set an example to the other birds!  
Image Credit - Sterling Publishing
Calvin, Look Out  (Ages 4-8)
Everybody's favorite bookworm birdie is back—and something's wrong! When Calvin reads the word “wagons,“ he sees “dragons” instead, and he's tripping over the library chairs. Calvin needs glasses! When his family checks out the new specs, though, they just tease him. Poor Calvin. But when he gets lost and trapped in the forest, it's Calvin's glasses (and smarts) that save the day. Soon EVERYONE thinks glasses are great—and Calvin's clan becomes the coolest flock of starlings in the sky.
Jennifer Berne has been a long-time contributor to Nick Jr. Magazine, and a writer for both print and TV. She has published numerous award-winning books for kids, including On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein (Chronicle), and Calvin Can't Fly (Sterling). Jennifer lives in a house she designed herself, in the rolling hills of Columbia County, NY.
Keith Bendis's work has appeared in the New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Fortune, and Time. Keith was the illustrator for William Safire's “On Language” column in the New York Times Magazine, and for nine books includingCalvin Can't Fly (Sterling), William Kotzwinkle's The Fan Man (Vintage), and the bestselling The Illustrated Casey at the Bat: The Immortal Baseball Ballad (Workman). He lives on an old farm in Columbia County, NY.

I think that I might take this book in to the school to see if any of the teachers want to read it to their class, especially since they have the vision test coming up soon!  I really enjoyed seeing how Calvin could take a negative, such as them making fun of him and turn it into a positive with great results!  


  1. Look at your beautiful smile! The braces were worth it, hahaha

    This book sounds good. I think it's a good idea to take it to a teacher too. It would be perfect for raising the discussion with the kids.


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