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If you are looking for a cute book - and one that puts a different spin on sharks...  You want to check out Surf Sharks - The First Wave!  
After all the Shark-week shows, it was expected that we would be talking about sharks a bit more... Instead of the scary images, we were treated to a fun way to learn more about them! Surf Sharks is a super cute and colorfully illustrated book that introduces us to 3 different sharks right up front.  

We meet: Mavrik - sleek blue mako, Talon - striped tiger shark and Hemi - hammerhead.  They all live in "Fin City" and one of them was pretty adamant about going to watch a surfing competition...   Of course, the other 2 don't want their friend going alone, so off the three buddies go...  (They had been warned to say away from the beaches that weekend, as the surf competition was going on and it wasn't safe for them to be over there.)  After we meet the three sharks, we end up meeting three surfers planning to enter the competition that weekend: Rip, Ozzy and Wade.  The surfers are planning on getting in the water, when they notice something... Thinking it is a dolphin, they go to investigate and end up seeing a shark caught in a net... The net was intended to keep surfers safe, but did not think about the danger that it would cause any sharks... 

I will not go further in telling you about the book, as I want you to see what a great story this is.  Obviously, you will talk to your kids about being safe and not interacting with sharks and all of that, but this is a great way to educate the kiddos (in a fun way.)  

We get to learn about different sharks, we get to learn that things that are meant to help, can actually harm other creatures and we also get to learn about friendships and safety.  I really enjoyed this book and it makes me happy to know that this was the first book of the series...  I can not wait to see what other life lessons we will be learning from the surf sharks!  

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Surf Sharks: The First Ride is the first in a series of books. It’s an extraordinary story about how three young sharks and three young surfers come together to help each other escape danger and solve problems. They find friendship, respect, and a common love for the waves. This captivating adventure is filled with excitement, surprising characters, and fascinating facts about sharks. Surf Sharks—they’re righteous, radical, and always ready to ride! Check out the next big wave in children’s entertainment at surfsharks.com.

We were so lucky to be sent a gift pack to check out this book!
What was in the gift pack? 
- A copy of Surf Sharks: The First Ride
- A sticker book
- 32 Surf Shark stickers with fun shark facts on the back
- A set of pop-up collector cards

Wouldn't you LOVE to win this for someone you know and love?
(Christmas is less than 18 weeks away!)  

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  1. If I won it would be for now. I love to bring new books in the house.

  2. A book to share at home.. justina justice

  3. I save it for Christmas as I like giving my kids new books for the new year.

  4. New grandson's 2nd Christmas;) Can't think of anything better. He will absolutely love the bright color's


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