Gravity Falls from Disney Books

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If you know anyone that loves Gravity Falls, you will be happy to know that Disney Books has released 2 books from that show.  One is a chapter book and the other is a 2 in 1 with stickers to add to it!  

Ages 6-8 Series: Gravity Falls
On the night of the Party at the Mystery Shack, Dipper discovers a way to clone himself and thinks he’s found the key to finally wooing Wendy.  But will Dipper muster up the courage to ask her to dance?  Or will his clones get jealous and turn on him?  Then, when Lil’ Gideon knocks Mabel out of the “friend zone” and into the “romance zone,” Mabel can’t turn him down!  Will Dipper help Mabel break up with Lil’ Gideon?  Or will Mabel become Lil’ Gideon’s lil’ girlfriend?  Readers will love this 112-page chapter book filled with black-and-white art from the show.
Gravity Falls - Happy Summerween!  
Ages 6-8 By: Samantha Brooke Series: Gravity Falls
It’s Summerween in Gravity Falls!  Can Mabel and Dipper collect enough candy to save their souls from the Summerween Trickster?  Or will they run out of time and become the monster’s twin treat?  Then, when Dipper and Mabel join Wendy and friends in exploring a haunted convenience store, strange things start to happen.  Can the twins escape before it’s too late?  Or will they be trapped forever by ghosts?  Readers will love this eerie 2-in-1 8 x 8 with spooky stickers!
I really think that Broxton will enjoy the Happy Summerween Book right now...
For one, it has stickers- That is ALWAYS a great thing for him... and for the thing I like the most, it is a 2 in 1 book - you read it one way (Happy Summerween) then you flip it over and read the other pages (The Convenience Store ...  of Horrors!)
The Pining Away book is a chapter book and a bit too much for him at this age... but these are both great additions to add to our personal library!!!


  1. This one's new to me. It is perfect timing though, to learn about it with Fall fast approaching.

  2. These look fun! I like the illustrations!

  3. I've never heard of Gravity Falls. How out of touch am I? Geez! It looks cute though!


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