The Buffet at @BeauBiloxi - Lots of Options for Everyone

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If you were here yesterday, you read about us seeing Saltoriya at Beau Rivage in Biloxi. 

As I said, you can totally "do Biloxi" with kids... and The Beau makes that easy to happen!  
Yes, they have an awesome casino floor - with a little of this and a little of that...  That is for the 21 and over crowd, but you need to know this...  
They have a kids arcade as well!  It is open from like 10 am to 11 pm (somewhere around there, don't quote me on that.. and I am sure they change the hours based upon the season.)  
But more that that, they have an awesome buffet that is sure to please the tastebuds of everyone in your party!  Since I knew we were headed there, I contacted them to see if we might be able to work together and they were awesome enough to give us complimentary champagne brunch on Saturday before the show!   

Let me just say, this isn't just any random buffet...
This is THE BUFFET.  The Buffet at Beau Rivage...
It is so good and full of different foods, not just basic Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes (Although they have both of those items and both are delicious!)
We went for the champagne brunch and I had all plans on eating a nice breakfast and being on my way, but once I saw all of the options, I had a little breakfast to start with and then sampled a few lunch items to make sure they were all just as tasty!

I loved that even though it was early, they still had a great salad bar available. The mixed greens, the wide variety of toppings.... the great selection of dressings...  I love salad and could have totally filled up on that, but then I spotted the hot food and had to venture that way!  For the record, I love the salad bowls too... and I have asked them where I could purchase one... I will have a bowl soon!  I just have to have one...

They have an Omelet station there where they make them fresh right in front of you, after you tell them whatever you want to have in there... I watched them whip a few up and they looked light and fluffy and ready to be inhaled, but I kept strolling...   Besides the Omelet station, they also have a carving station with all sorts of meats that will make every meateater feel like they are in heaven!  As I said, they aren't just any buffet... They also have a "regional favorites" section and did I mention they even have a Wood Fire Pizza Section as well?  Yes---   endless great food selections... but ---  Eggs Benedict, asparagus and their mashed potatoes were calling me at that moment.

You guessed it -- Regional Favorites had a nice big selection of Crawfish... I am not a fan, so I kept walking, but I did have to take a picture, as Marc loves these and always has to mess with Broxton about them every time he sees them!  UGH!!!!!!!!!!

 The buffet comes with your choice of beverage, but I did notice that they have a beer and wine section over to one area... I believe they have a great selection for you to choose from at an additional price, but I did not order one, so I did not ask.  (Champagne brunch included champagne / mimosas.)  Over by the Beer and Wine section, I noticed Asian Options, but by that point, I was stuffed... Did I mention Broxton wanted a pork chop and I had to try that out as well?  Delicious!  Juicy and VERY flavorful!

Of course, no buffet would be complete without a trip to check out the deserts...  
Broxton fell in love with the fruit loop krispy treats last time, but they didn't have any available this time around, not to worry though, I was enjoying their tiramisu and he felt that he needed to "taste" mine and ended up eating it all...   

I can not tell you what all flavors they had for the frozen yogurt, but I know I caught my dad enjoying the chocolate flavor...   Broxton had one as well, since he just HAD to have sprinkles and he came strolling up with 3 different flavors!

To say that we left happy would be an understatement, since we were all full and happy and ready for the day!!

Are you a fan of buffets?  What is a must have for you when you do enjoy a buffet?


  1. I like buffets because I can pick and choose what I want to eat. The desserts always look so yummy!

    We're going to one on Sunday. Mica's choice in places to eat for his birthday was China Buffet.

    This place you posted about looks fabulous! I wish we had one in Omaha.

  2. I like a good buffet, and so do the kids. My MIL is also a big fan, and she's a casino gal too. Believe you me, she makes time for her buffet and her gambling too. ;)

  3. We love a good buffet! Especially brunch, because my guys like made-to-order omelets while I go to the salad and lunch dishes.

    We all like desserts, and the ones you pictured look fabulous! I was going to ask if that was tiramisu on the bottom shelf, then you mentioned it. If I didn't have to watch my blood sugar, I think I could be happy with just the pastries and desserts. :)


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