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You know how you hear the phrase, " Learn something new every day" and you question it?  Well, for me, I seem to learn more and more about IKEA each time I go there... The first time, we weren't aware of the kids play area... (Now we are VERY aware of it!)  Well, not too long ago, I was able to go and visit IKEA just in time for their kick off on the 2015 catalog.  Talk about learning great information!!!!

I am not going to go into a bunch of detail, as everyone needs to go and experience IKEA several times for themselves, but I did want to highlight a few of the really cool things I did learn!!!!

 One thing that was neat to me was seeing that you could order a custom closet... A really great part about that was that you don't have to spend all your money at once, you can order it in pieces and add to it as you feel the need. The closets come in " panel" types that has individual lighting for each clothing section... Many of those there thought the jewelry storage area was pretty nice... I did too, but I don't own that much and would never need it... It was nice though and I am sure many could fill it up a few times!
 Did you know it is FREE to join the IKEA family??
Totally FREE and so worth it - the fact that you get 30 extra minutes to drop the kiddos of in Smaland so that you can enjoy kid free shopping and they can play and have a blast?  Yeah.... That isn't the only reason you will want to sign up, but it sure is a great reason to do so!
A couple other benefits?   Certain product discounts and free coffee / hot tea!
Remember when I said "learn something new"...
Well, for me - the 30 extra minutes was something new to me.. but also, every time you go, if you stop and scan your family card, you are entered into a drawing!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

From IKEA site:
 Our KVARTAL curtain tracks provide a dynamic solution that’s convenient and easy to use. For a simple set-up with a single pair of curtains, you might opt for our basic single track rail. If you want a more modern looking window treatment, the triple track rail makes it possible to easily slide multiple panel curtains across each other.

 The Kvartal was pretty neat to me... I though that this would be great in a few rooms in our house... Will for sure be back to do more research on them!  

My favorite part was learning about their mattress....
First of all, I hate being hot.... especially while sleeping... I guess I should have thought about it, but the foam is the hottest... since it conforms to your body...
They said that the Spring Mattress was a great one to have if you liked to be cooler...
That was great to know... But - get - ready - for - this:
25 year limited warranty included on almost all of their mattresses!
Oh - and how about a little 90 day "love it or exchange it" on them too??
You will have to read all the details, as they do have details on them... but I have NEVER heard of that in my life and to be honest, that is pretty stinking cool to me!  

Cheers to the 2015 catalog!!!!
Now that you have learned a few things that Ikea has to offer, don't you want to enter to win a giftcard???
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  1. Absolutely love Ikea! Actually went there twice this weekend and furnished my new apartment with mostly Ikea products. Great store!

  2. We're due to upgrade my son's bed (his metal bunk slats bent under all of his 48 lbs -_- so I'm all entered to win. Thanks for hosting.

  3. I've never been inside an IKEA. How wrong is that? I entered this!

  4. I want to enter, but we don't have an Ikea here. :( I want one!

  5. I entered even though we don't have one. Maybe I can get something online. Look at all those entries! You're the stuff!

  6. I haven't been to one in years! Now I want to go!

  7. I'm in love with Ikea and have only been once and wish I could buy all the things for my house there. I'm yet to purchase something though.

    Oh how I love Ikea!


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