Visit @BeauBiloxi and Check Out Their Latest Show #Saltoriya (UPDATED WITH NEW CLIP)

I am not sure about where you live, but around here, school started back this Monday...
That is just so crazy to me, being that I have a birthday in the middle of August and we were NEVER in school for my birthday, to think that it now starts BEFORE my birthday is just crazy to me!!!
I love to have a little birthday celebration and we normally try to plan a trip to Biloxi to do just that.
We had a great time (like always) and I thought it would be nice to share a few things with you.
Several of my friends enjoy Biloxi as well, since it is only 5 and a half hours from Atlanta...   but most don't think about taking the kids...  Well, I do!!!
I love the Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino (I actually celebrated my 21st birthday at their "sister" resort, The Bellagio in Las Vegas...)  and Broxton enjoys "The Beau" as well!
They have a fabulous Show Room and put on several headliners throughout the year ... The Beach Boys are headed there in October... but one great thing they do?  Each summer they have a Show they put on and this year the show was called Saltoriya.  Of course we went and we loved it!  Broxton was cracking up laughing, so I wanted to share with you this first.... This particular show ends August 17th, so you need to try and see it soon!!!
This is a cast photo of Saltoriya.  They have a little of this and a little of that... I will admit that I missed the first 30 minutes (Not my fault.) so I did miss a good bit... The show is an hour and a half and it is packed full of excitement.  They have a comedian, if you will, that sort of fills in throughout the different changes of the next act.  He doesn't talk, but he sure is funny!  Broxton really got to crack up laughing at him and I think my favorite of his skits was when he pretended he was in a car.  He uses different audience members for the skits, so everyone has a great laugh and you have no clue what to expect!   

There is just something about the motorcycles in the sphere...  Even though I have seen it done before, I always get on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to be done next.  Let me say this -- the lady that gets in there is a brave, brave woman!  I was really impressed with this act and it was surprisingly different from others we have seen.  

These guys--  let me just tell you this... I have a hard time walking on my own two feet at times... Throw me on a skateboard sized board that is balancing on a coffee can type cylinder... You can place your bets that I will end up with a broken bone or 100.  Not these guys... Not only did they dance around and all, they balanced on the boards.. and at times they were balancing on the SAME BOARD together... Talk about trust and balance... Yeah, they rocked it!

My favorite of the whole show was when they had the GUYS out there going totally nuts on the high beams. I thought that was fantastic and was as energetic as you could get... I do always question why certain people are part of the shows ... with the guys on the boards (in the above picture) as well as when the guys were on the high beams, they had four girls dancing all around.. Really served no point to the show, but I would guess they were there to be eye candy for the guys that didn't want to watch other males... Or maybe just a way to add a bit more movement to the show?  I really have no clue, but it wasn't really bothering me -  although my dad was thankful for it!

I found a youtube video of the part of the show that Broxton kept going on and on about -  he went in early with my mom while I was getting his popcorn...   I really have no clue what is going on, but my mom said that he was laughing as loud and hard as he could, so that lets you know that kids love it as well as adults!

We really had a great time and look forward to seeing what show they bring for summer of 2015.
Have you ever been to Beau Rivage?
If not, what is stopping you??

Check out the 1 minute fast paced clip to get a glimpse of all that Saltoriya has to offer!!!

(Come back tomorrow, as I will be sharing a few other things with you about the area!)

*** This was NOT a sponsored post, we really just love The Beau and wanted to share with you!


  1. That ball thing they are riding bikes in looks so cool! I want to see this!

    It looks like a circus that's a bit more creative.

    *I just put up a giveaway I'm hoping you'll enter. You've talked before about how much you like where I'm from.

  2. This looks like a really fun show!


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