A is for Airplane #MakingMemories

Over the summer, I was able to let Broxton experience something pretty neat.  
We had recently seen Planes - Fire and Rescue, so he was still all excited about seeing Dusty CropHopper on the big screen again... but then my dad A.K.A. "Papa"  was able to allow Broxton (and one of his big brothers) to have a summer to remember!!!!!

In Albany, Georgia, there is a company there that has been around for over 40 years, THRUSH AIRCRAFT ... and they specialize in making agricultural aircraft  A.K.A. Crop Dusters a.k.a. other "Dusty CropHoppers" for those of you with younger children!!!  
When we walked in, I am not really sure what I was expecting to see, but I was blown away with being impressed, that was for certain!
There was this huge hangar/warehouse whatever you want to call it that had the assembly lineS going producing different things, but we just sort of walked by there... That was when we entered the area that made Broxton's face light up!  I thought there would be one, maybe two, planes in that area... but there was like 6 or so!  All white with black and red letters / numbers!  

We got to look at the different planes and Broxton kept saying that he "couldn't believe he was seeing a real live Dusty CropHopper!"  Just seeing his face light up, that whole trip was worth it!  We were even able to have one of the big brothers with us that day... and I know that he had never been all up close like that to a plane (neither had I until then) so it was a memorable trip for all of us!   

 Broxton with one of his brothers, checking out the crop dusters at Thrush!  
 Look who was able to get IN THE PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Talk about #makingmemories!  He still talks about this day!  
Look at the smile on him!  It was worth it all!

I really doubt that any of you are out looking for a crop duster to purchase - but if you are...
Make sure you visit the Thrush Website (or even those of you not looking to buy that just want to learn more)  The people were so nice and we had a great time!
Broxton even got a hat from there... but we won't be wearing it anymore
(That story will be told next week!)  


  1. Look at the smile on his face. He was soooo happy and enjoying this. How cool to be in the pilot's seat. Such a cool thing to do!

  2. I'd be talking about it today too. Awesome!

  3. Love his smile, he looks so happy! Love when you share these moments in your life. It's always great to go back through your blog and look at all the good times as the kids start growing up. Thanks for sharing...have a great day!

  4. Wow! What a fantastic adventure! This will be unforgettable!

  5. We have a museum here that is full of planes, and jets. The kids love going there.

  6. He looks so happy. It looks like an exciting place to visit.


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