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One of the greatest things about blogging is learning more about new products.  I was recently introduced to Austin Lloyd and talk about impressive!   Austin Lloyd is a subscription box that you can purchase for little ones you know and love.  They have 3 different plans and I think they are affordable for what all is inside.  Honestly, I wish I had known of this when Broxton was younger...  
Austin Lloyd specializes in gifts for young kids.  Up first, you pick your plan.
1 month subscription - $49.99
3 month subscription - $46.99
6 month subscription - $44.99
The subscription automatically renews and is delivered the 3rd week of the month. 
That is right!  Engaging Surprises for Young Minds!
Next, you pick the play level for your child.  (Since young ones develop at different rates, they don't want to base it all on age, instead they give you stages of play and you pick what is best for your little one.)  

I ordered a package for my little niece... and when it arrived, they packaging alone had me smiling... I knew that whatever was inside was going to be awesome!   I was eager to open it and when I did... Wow....  Yep, they don't skimp on the gifts!  (They say each box will contain 4-5 gifts)  
As you open the box, you see that they have it customized for the gift recipient.  (Look on the bottom right side and you will see a tag that says "Layla."  The top has an insert that says you are more than welcome to donate any used toys to them and they will send the toys to a charity of their choice.  
One thing I really love?  That each Austin Lloyd box is packaged and filled with items that fit a certain "theme."  Our box was a Treasure Hunt Theme... 
Included in our box? 
The Pirates Lock and Sock (2 finger puppets that also include rhymes to read and act out.) 
Whale Bath Toy (floating toy for the pool, bath or water table.)
Sea Life Adventure Book (count-a-long book that includes a finger puppet diver that is attached to the book.) 
Development Turtle (has pockets for putting the toys in and has sounds to go with them, jingles, rattles, crinkles and squeaks.  It helps to work with shapes, counting and colors.)
Pirate Adventure Book (includes push and pull tabs to make this an interactive book.)
What is also pretty awesome is that each month you can see what the next month has in the works!  (At least the theme!  They can't give it all away!)  For example - If you ordered by July 31st, you would get the August box... which was FOREST FRIENDS.  If you ordered by August 31st, you would get the September box of Air and Space!   
I really loved that the package contained an envelope with information on all the included toys.  Also included on each sheet?  The retail value of each toy so you know that you are getting a great deal! 

If you are out of town, this would be a really cool way to get a great gift for a young one!  (Shipping is free!)  Just head on over to see what all they have to make the young ones in your life smile and enjoy playing!!!!  This would also be a great way for someone who might claim they don't know what to get a child... as the company picks out what it best!   You can just take the credit for knowing about Austin Lloyd! 


  1. I like that there is an information sheet on the toys too. It does look awesome!

  2. That's sweet that shipping is free! I like that they give you the info on the stages of play. So many people - me included tried getting my babies to play with things before they were ready.


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