Feelings Alphabet? F is for Feelings!

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F is for Feelings is a great book that we recently received for review.  Free Spirit Publishing has pulled through again and I think that this is a perfect book for my son as he is just starting Kindergarten.
Why now?  Well, he is still coming into his own person... even more so now that he has started "big kid school"  and it actually has opened up conversation for us.
F for Feelings goes through the entire alphabet and gives a colorful illustration of the feeling being discussed.  Each feeling comes with one or two sentences to explain the feeling...

"A is for AFRAID.  I am scared."    - We were able to talk about when he was afraid and how that feeling moved into another feeling... Being happy!  (First day of school, he was afraid and scared because he did not know anyone in his class... but he made friends!)  

"Q is for QUIET.  I need some time all by myself.  Shhh...."  - Everyone needs alone time at some point or another... It can help you relax, calm down or focus on something that needs to be done. 

At the end of the book, we have a  four page section on activities for parents, caregivers and teachers to use this book to engage with kids.  ( I love that Free Spirit offers this in their books!)  

One activity?
Draw a picture of each of the feeling words in the book.

Another?  Ask children to come up with additional feeling words to go along with each letter in the alphabet.  (A can also be ANGRY - ADAMANT - what word can you come up with?)


  1. That's a good way to stretch vocab too, adding the additional words to go with each letter of the alphabet.

  2. These type of books are so great! Isaak just picked out a book on manners at the library. Mica read it to him. It was so helpful. They even got into how to write a thank you letter.

  3. Sounds like a great book for my grandson. I love that they include activities for parents to use the book to engage with kids


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