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Everything seems to be a struggle around here lately, so I am always up for great suggestions!  Since Broxton has started kindergarten, each day is new as to his likes and dislikes and I have to just sort of  go with the fact that he is really becoming his own person.
One thing that also changes?
His hunger... Some days he walks in "starving to death" as he says... and other days he is " still really full" and doesn't want to eat.  I have several varieties of snacks and treats so that leaves an endless opportunity for him to snack if need be.  I was excited to learn about Dick & Jane Educational Snacks and was eager to see how Broxton would like them.  
Dick & Jane Education Snacks are cute cookies that come is 3 different "themes."
English &  Spanish, States & Capitals, or Presidents.  As you can see from the picture above, we were sent The first two.  The original plan was to eat a box and send the other in for Broxton's class to have a snack time...  but.... Well, that just did not work out for us.   
 We ended up opening the English and Spanish ones and it was nice to see that they didn't just do random words, but they used words that kids would be using... We had dog, numbers, sports and more...
The cookie is a nice size, but I will admit, it tastes just like normal cookie... If you are looking for something more exotic, look elsewhere.. but -- if you are looking for a good cookie that will allow a little education, STOP now and look at Dick & Jane! (They are available at your local Kroger ...  As well as on Amazon!  They can't make it any easier for you, can they???)  
 The cookies are just the right size for little ones to chomp on and the fact that they are nut free means you can send it in for your child without worrying about any issues with classmates!!!
 I like that the words are stamped / pressed INTO the cookie, not just added on top with sugar or more cookie... That could come off, but not when they are IN the cookie.  Broxton has been having a blast getting the cookies out and having me read it in English & Spanish to him!  
If you can feed your child an educational snack that is made with all natural ingredients and you can get a smile out of him WHILE he is eating it, I think you did a pretty good job!!!
Yes, we ended up opening the States & Capitals Box too!  Not only do Broxton and I enjoy them, I have noticed Marc sneaking and eating them as well!  
What are other subjects that you think they should expand to include?
Have you seen these in stores near you?


  1. I had to click through to see what "educational snacks" are!

    What a neat idea! (Yes, I'm old enough to say "neat" and to remember reading Dick and Jane books in first grade.) I haven't seen these in stores, but I would have purchased them when my son was young.

    Other ideas? Maybe animals. Or math symbols (equals, plus, minus, greater than, and so on); I would include the symbol, the name, and an example equation. If numbers were in the same package, kids could make equations ... but might need ten or more cookies to do that. :)

    I first thought of body parts, but that might be too strange. :)

  2. What a fun and unique idea. Keep them learning while they snack too, how awesome are these. I haven't seen these in stores, but would be cool to have science ones too!

  3. Those are cute! I always loved Dick & Jane books. I've gotten a few books for baby gifts in the past. I never have seen these in the stores. What else to include? Maybe different types of animal tracks, and the animal's name on them.

  4. Better yet, their snacks could include clocks on them. Telling time is so hard for kids.

  5. These are a good idea. Nothing better than learning while your snacking.

  6. Oh oh oh I want those. Those are fun. :) My son's ALWAYS hungry when he walks in, lol And McDonald's brilliantly built across the street from his school so 4 out of 5 days I get, Can we go to McDonlad's?' About once a month, maybe two, I'll say yes. ;)


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