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If you have a little girl in your life, chances are, you are familiar with Lalaloopsy.  When Broxton was in PRESCHOOL, I was first introduced to these cute little dolls.  A girl in his class was OBSESSED with them.  I believe she had pretty much every single one that was out and she would bring a different one to school each day. Lucky for us, they released a few new toys of them right at her birthday, so we were able to grab a new one that she did not have. (Oh yeah, she loved it...  She even had a specially made Lalaloopsy cake for her party!) 
So, I had a blast shopping for her birthday gift and at that point, I was really wishing I had a little girl to buy these dolls for. (Their show is super cute too, if you have not watched it, check it out!)  Now that we have a baby girl on the way, I am excited that these dolls are still around and even more excited that they keep releasing new ones! 
We were sent the Lalaloopsy Stretchy Hair Doll for review and I will tell you, it was fun to play with. I can see how they will have hours of fun with this one!    
I like that the doll is made of plastic, so you can wipe it off if she gets dirty. This particular doll has stretchy hair.  If you notice the white cupcake looking thing off to the side, you twist it "open" to allow for air.  Then, notice the big yellow bow type thing in the center... you just pump it up (like 10 times or so) and then you can stretch the hair.  It says to stretch it no longer than arms length.  I am presuming they mean a kids arm length, since it might be weird for adults to be playing with this...   (It reminded me a bit of stretch Armstrong from my younger days....)
Now, you have her hair ready to play and do what you want to it.  You can twist it or style it or make it in a bun... Whatever floats your boat!  If the hair starts to not stick as well as it once did, you just wipe it off with a wet cloth and then wait for it to dry, that means it might have gotten a bit dirty! 
Yep! The stretchy hair doll even comes with hair clips for you to style it just how you want it to look!  I had a great time playing with it to see how it worked for the review and I can only imagine the fun Savannah and I will have with her dolls over the years to come! 

Are you familiar with Lalaloopsy??


  1. I think the Lalaloopsy dolls are cute. You've definitely got LalaLoopsy in your future with Savannah. :)

  2. Lalaloopsy dolls are adorable! I know my niece loves them!


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