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Have you ever heard of the brand, Feltman Brothers
I didn't know anything about it, until Broxton was born and someone gave us one of their outfits.  To say I fell in love would be an understatement. Growing up, my grandmama made our clothes and yep, she even knew how to smock.  I think clothing with smocking are absolutely beautiful, but they can get rather pricey. We were lucky that she was able to smock (*and save lots of money) I am not so lucky now, as far as her sewing abilities. 
She is 90 something years old and no longer sews...  So, if I want a cute little smocked outfit, I have to buy one or have someone give me one...  
I was SO EXCITED when I learned I would have the chance to work with Feltman Brothers in a review. 

We were sent the Baby Girl Pintucked and Smocked Dress.   Just look at the detail they put into making the outfit just as precious as can be!!!!  Seriously, this looks just like something my grandmama would have made, if she was still able to make clothes!  This is made with a light pink fabric and then you can see the smocking on there.  BEAUTIFUL!

As I said, I am so excited that we have such a beautiful outfit for Savannah to wear!  I can not wait to get her pictures taken in something so classic!  They really do look like your grandmama made it especially for your little one.  Full of care and love! 

*** This is NOT Savannah, but I can not wait for a precious picture like this to show her in her new dress from Feltman Brothers!!!!


  1. I love smocked dresses, too! Savannah is a pretty name. We have a name picked out for our baby girl (I'm 27 weeks pregnant right now) but aren't sharing it with anyone because we don't want to get talked out of it. When I was pregnant with my 1st child, I remember my in-laws criticizing the name I had picked. I still used it, but it ticked me off that they were so negative.

  2. Such a sweat dress! I love it! It comes in nice soft colors to.

  3. What an adorable dress! My girls are grown and I have 3 grandsons. I keep waiting for a granddaughter to dress all cutesy in something like this.


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