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**  I was given a discount to check this out. All opinions are my own. **

I love to travel.  I will be honest, I never flew on a plane until I was in my third year in college and once I did, it was over... I loved it and I went a few places in my twenties.  Hey, you live once and you need to make the most of it, at least that was how I felt!  
Once I was married and an "adult" bills took over and I could not just fly here and there, I had to be "responsible."  Don't get me wrong, we went on a few little vacations here and there, but come on, you know it gets expensive the more you have.  It was no longer just ME... I had Marc and the boys... so flying to Chicago for the weekend turned into a staycation for us and trips to the Zoo and other fun places.

Escape Monthly Box
Having a family is great and I would not trade it for anything in the world.  Now instead of travelling by plane places, I normally "escape" for a bit and google different places. It is fun to read about it and then see the images (not to mention it is SO MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE!)    The only problem with travelling online is that you can't taste / smell/ hear the things that make that area what it is.  I learned about a company called ESCAPE MONTHLY and I wanted to try it out.  It is a monthly subscription box that lets you escape. 
Each month you learn where you will be headed and then you are sent a box of goodies from that location.   They tag it with "Vacation in a Box."  The boxes are $49.95 a month (includes shipping) and you get a box full of things to let you escape. 
Opening the box - See all the goodies waiting on you?
I will tell you, I was really excited to get this box, since it was European Christmas themed, but once it arrived, I was not that impressed.  I hate to say it, but maybe I am just too picky, or maybe these surprise boxes are just not my thing.  Remember, the box was $49.95 (including shipping) here is what was inside:

Contents of the box laid out to show you.
As I was saying, it was $49.95 for the box.  They include a sheet that tells you what the aproximate cost of each item is to show you are getting what you paid for, but as I said, I wasn't that impressed.  I had already signed up for the membership (I was SO EXCITED about travelling somewhere new each month! )  Our box included:   a handsewn Christmas ornament, a candy bar type food, a jam/jelly, a paste, tea, cake and a book telling about the area.  I feel that the book took up most of the money and to be totally truthful, with the internet at our fingertips, I felt that was a waste.  I thought I would get more knick knack type things and less of the food items.
I will say this, they "travel" here, there and everywhere, so it really is a great concept. I originally learned about the box when it was Hawaii themed, but I was excited and waited for Europe. They also do boxes for the USA, so don't think it is just overseas.  I mentioned that I had signed up for the membership, so I do need to tell you, as soon as this box arrived, I contacted them and told them I wanted to cancel.  They were very nice and fast in honoring my request, no hassle at all!  Would I get it again?  I am not so sure, I love the concept behind it, but as I said, I just was not that impressed with the contents. 

Their upcoming box (for June) is Victoria / Vancouver BC. July will take you to India! 
Let me know if you are a subscriber to Escape Monthly or if this is something that interests you at all.


  1. I'm the opposite to you. I'd rather get food type items. Why? Because my boys eat and eat. I'm all for reviewing boxes because I know they have variety in them. I always wish they had more when I get them though.


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