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As the time quickly approaches for Savannahs arrival, we are getting down to getting the basic things we still need to welcome her home. I will be the first to admit that I am still struggling thinking of things we need versus things I want versus things that are totally unnecessary. I started looking online for a few items and was introduced to the wide variety of things offered at Go Mama Go Designs.  Lucky for me, they have several things that I do think we need and I want to share two of them with you today.

Up first - a swaddling blanket.  If you come to our house (or if you know any of us at all) you will know that for the majority, we keep the house pretty chilly. I blame it on my mom, as she ALWAYS has the house cold and now Marc is just as bad.  Anyways, you don't want your little baby underneath a big old blanket (not only for safety, but also we know they are more than likely going to kick it off at some point.)  That is where the swaddling blanket comes in.  Not only is it a blanket to keep them warm where we have it cool, but it also swaddles and keeps them from jumping and waking themselves out of their sleep.  Imagine how LITTLE room they had while they were growing inside you and now - wow- the whole world is around them, that is a HUGE difference!  
The other item we received? 
A Changing Pad Cover.  You know what I am talking about... You buy the changing pad to be able to quickly and easily change their diapers, but you don't want to leave it that white plastic.  You buy a changing pad cover to go over the top.  They come in several covers to match the décor you have decided to go with.  For us, we went with brown.  It is a very universal color as far as décor goes and it will match the theme of her room.  Go Mama Go Designs has several different colors available for purchase and some are as low as $6.50 each!  Talk about a great deal!   

Make sure you head on over to Go Mama Go Designs to see what all they carry.  I think their Wonder Bumpers are pretty cool, but we already had the bedding we wanted to use, so I did not need to look into that. 

What are other odds and ends that you think are must haves before baby comes home


  1. I love swaddle blankets, we used them for my grandson.

  2. I think you can never have too many diapers or wipes before you bring the baby home. Also, extra onesies are good to have on hand :)


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