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When Broxton was born, we did not even think about getting any pacifiers for him.  We eventually did, but he never really took to them.  Maybe it was because we took so long to introduce them, who knows.  All I know is that I think babies with pacifiers in their mouth are just too stinking cute and we are going to be prepared this time around!   I know that pacifiers are like bottles, they say don't stock up on one brand until you know for certain that your little one is going to like that style/ brand.  That doesn't mean not to have any at all, they have to try them out!!!   We have a couple different ones from MAM BABY to try out.  (They even sent us an anti-colic bottle as well!)  Just take a look at how we are getting ready for #BringingHomeBaby! 
Remember how I talked about loving a bag full of different goodies?  MAM did just that for us!!!   We were sent so many goodies, I loved going through it all!!!!  We have an anti-colic bottle, a training cup, pacifiers and even pacifiers with clips to keep that paci close by!!!!  The thing I love about these pacifiers, besides how cute they are?  THEY COME with little travel cases that are also sanitizing cases!   YEP! Nothing like a pacifier in the bottom of your purse (or diaper bag) grabbing all the random pieces of dirt and all those germs!  NO MORE!!! Now, just throw it in the case and you are good to go! 

Easy switch between Mom and MAM  

  • BPA- free

  • Can be sterilized in the microwave in just 3 minutes!

  • Wide openings and 5 parts make for easy cleaning

  • The MAM Ultra Soft Silicone Nipple makes for an easy switch between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding

  • Base ventilation systems provides a smooth milk flow which reduces air swallowed by baby, gas and burps

  • Comes with a slow flow nipple

  • Available in a single pack, double pack or triple pack

  • Removable plastic cap helps keep nipple clean when not in use and features measurement tick marks
Getting started is easy. Together with developmental pedagogues, MAM designers have developed the ideal first cup for the needs of the youngest children
  • 150 ml - extra light and easy to hold
  • With removable handles - designed especially for baby’s small hands
  • Spill-free (with valve) or free-flow without valve
  • With a soft spout for an easy switch from bottle or breastfeeding to a cup

  • Designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth
  • Developed with Orthodontists & Paediatric Dentists
  • Clinically tested by the Dental University Clinic of Vienna
  • Extra thin and super soft thanks to the unique, symmetrical Dento-Flex® nipple neck 
  •  Available with MAM‘s patented Ultra Soft Silicone Nipple - incomparably comfortable in baby‘s mouth
  • Unique design developed with designers of the Vienna University of Applied Arts
  • Good for the skin thanks to the large ventilation holes
  • Delivered with high quality transport box
MAM Attitude
Lively sayings baby wants to exclaim
  • Two BPA-free pacifiers
  • Curved shield allows the pacifier to sit comfortably on baby’s face
  • MAM Ultra Soft Silicone Nipple stays comfortably in baby’s mouth due to the anti-slip texture 
  • Symmetrical nipple ideal for baby’s jaw development
  • Textured surface and multiple small openings on the pacifier shield allow air to circulate and baby’s skin to breathe 
  • Storage case is reusable and can be used in the microwave to sterilize pacifiers
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To get everyone excited about MAM products, MAM is hosting a great giveaway!!
One lucky Jumpin Beans Reader is going to win a prize pack!!   One reader is going to win a pacifier package valued at $25!
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  1. We just use the full word pacifier.

  2. My kids would suck on anything. My sister's kids (since we watched them) would not take a bottle, or a binky. It was so frustrating. Especially for Travis, since he had to watch them.

    I have two tips on advice for them though:

    1. Wash them often. I don't know how Isaak got meningitis, but I question if I set the pacifier on a table at the doctor's office. He got it shortly after that visit.

    2. Get rid of them when your baby shows signs of not wanting it anymore. They are great for babies. I'm not anti binki. Studies have shown that if babies have them they reduce their risk for SIDS. Once your say 6 month old (whatever age) starts throwing them out of their crib it's a good time to read your child's signal, and get rid of the binki. Babies can't talk, so I'm all about reading their signs. It will be harder on you because your baby is growing up, than it will be on your baby. I've known 2 two year olds that have had speech problems. Partly because they always have a binki in their mouths.

    Some people drag out the paci thing...they tie the binkis to a balloon, so the kids can let them go. Others cut holes in the tip of the binki, so the child doesn't want to suck it. I just threw them out. It's easier to dispose of them; than it is fingers. I sucked my 2 fingers for forever it seemed.

    I called them all their names: Binky, Paci, and Pacifier. They all worked.

    I called nursing "Bottles". Then my boys didn't learn some tacky word for that, that they'd say in public.

  3. We pretty much we call it both names. Sometimes binky comes out and other times paci.

  4. I call them pacifiers but my inlaws called them binkies but I always refused because I didn't like my inlaws so didn't want to do anything they did lol.

  5. WE call Pacifiers "sassys".. my youngest started it and its stuck with all the kids!

  6. I just call it a binky!

    Carly D.

  7. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)July 8, 2015 at 7:37 PM

    We always called it a Paci.

  8. We also call it pacifier :)
    Thank You for the chance

    Fiona N

  9. We used to always call it a paci or a binky. But now I tend to call it a bink-bink or a wubawub with my little guy.

  10. We have always called it a paci for our little ones!

  11. We call it paci or pacifier, thanks.

  12. We call it a Paci!

  13. We call it a binky

  14. We call it a paci or a pacifier.

  15. we call it a binky or a "plug" lol

  16. We call it a binky! My kids sure love their binky's!


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