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When Broxton was a baby, he used to love to stand in his baby bed and "talk" to us...  Another favorite thing he enjoyed doing?  Gnawing on the railing on the bed.  Once we put the bed into a toddler bed, I quickly forgot about the damage those teeth caused on the crib.  We kept the crib, in case we had another baby, or for when a grandbaby would come into our lives...  Now that we are having our baby girl, we got the crib down and ready to use...   That was when it hit us...   That baby boy of ours did some major damage!!!! 
I started looking to find something to hide the damage that was done, but then I was reminded that I could not find anything when he was a baby, so I doubted I would find something now... 

Enter GO MAMA GO DESIGNS!  I found that they carried what is called "teething guards" and they work perfect!!!!  The teething guards come in several different color combinations (we went with the brown and cream one for her room.) 
If you look, you can see the damage that Broxton made on the railing of his baby crib. Yep, those are teeth marks all over the side!!!! 
You purchase the teething guard from Go Mama Go Designs and you simply tie them on where you need them.  I loved that they were big enough that they would fit on a wider piece of wood and they also came with the ties that were pretty long.  We tied them along the front and had plenty of room in case they had been larger, but it wasn't so big that it made it an issue. 
The final result.  I think it looks great and the material they use to make the teething guard is so super soft, I can see me leaning on it to watch Savannah!!!!  

If you are like us and need a teething guard to keep your little one from messing up the railing, you really want to check out the ones from Go Mama Go Design! 


  1. We had a teething guard but it was plastic. I think this fabric looks so much nicer!

  2. My mom said my oldest sister did that. When Mica was little he used to sneak in my parents back bedroom where all the baby toys were. He found some old paint brushes that he nawed on. My Dad thought that he had a mouse in the house at first. Then he caught him in action one day.

  3. This teething guard is such a great idea. I sure could have used this when mine were little.


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